Thursday, August 15, 2013

Surprise cover girl

I had no idea I was going to be on the cover of the Weekly Review until I saw an Instagram post that my friend Gonzalo tagged. I thought he'd photoshopped it! I did a little interview in my studio for the article the other week and expected to just be a little inset but then BAM there's my big head on the cover! Not that I'm complaining! So it was an exciting day.

I think you can read the article in those scans? The text isn't that big but I think I can read it. Anyway it's a great article and it's all very exciting really. The what I like about my extremely supportive family is that they don't hate me if I send them all text messages with pictures of the cover and lots of exclamation marks and be really annoying asking them to pick up a million copies :) It's nice. I was in such a good mood this afternoon so I spent all my money at the Romance was Born sale at Alice Euphemia and got some great things in preparation for the many festivities I have coming up next week. PRETTY EXCITED.

Oh yeah and as promised by Tai and Ace, 'Art School' by Pamela was played on TripleRRR this morning! Everything's coming up Milhouse! :D


  1. I can't wait to see you on the front of the Review!
    I'm so excited for Rookie Day! It will be the best day ever! :D

  2. Okay, this was seriously a much better read than The Weekly Review I got in Geelong, with Miss Australia on the cover.
    Ps. Totally think that it's awesome that you're taking Tavi to Hanging Rock. The movie is an aesthetic wonderland and I'm kinda semi jealous that I can't come along and take photographs of you both frolicking around and looking super lovely.

    Hard to believe that Tavi's world and Rookie day is next week?! Can wait to listen and learn from you amazing people.

  3. Congratulations on being a cover girl! I don't think my area has this edition (which sucks) but I'll try and get a copy for collaging!

    I went to the Alice Euphemia RWB sale yesterday, and bought 3 things. It's a shame I didn't go today and get to meet you but maybe I can next week with the Writer's Festival :)

  4. High five for loveliness! I'm thrilled I could read the article despite missing out on a copy! I would love to meet you but the only event I got tickets for was Tavi's world, I will be part of the Rookie Meetup for gals who didn't get tickets to Rookie Day though. Finger crossed I'll see you at some stage!