Sunday, July 7, 2013

The winner takes it all

Can't believe it, but Saturday was the last day of my show Feel Flows at Daine Singer. Someone asked me yesterday if I get depressed after a show ends, or if I hit a rut or something, and I said no. I'm always exhausted emotionally and stuff, but with a good night's sleep to recoup, I pretty quickly move on from that. I'm lucky in a sense that I have 'next things' to focus on at the moment, and being busy - as much I complain about it, is a privilege that I'm very lucky have thrust upon me. I hope it never ends.

I am positively bursting with an announcement, that is BEYOND exciting, but I am unable to speak about until approximately the 19th of July. I can't believe I haven't told anyone yet. I can say that it has to do with the upcoming Melbourne Writer's Festival (MWF), but that's all I can say. So, I get through days at work, dumb commitments and cold winter days thinking about this thing and how it will almost be Spring when this thing is happening, and soon summer, and days will be long and people will walk slower and I can wear dresses without tights and open toed shoes and bask in the sunshine and go dancing with my friends.

I thought I would upload images of my work from Feel Flows for those of you who didn't see them in real life! I was so pleased with this show, with everything, and I'm excited to announce that I'm now a represented artist at Daine Singer! So there you have it! You can view all the information about each of these works here: Other than that, enjoy!

Love, Minna.


  1. It was such a pleasure to see your artwork at Daine Singer! I look forward to seeing whatever comes up next for you! And I am incredibly excited for Rookie Day! I simply cannot wait to find out more about it!