Tuesday, July 23, 2013

See you (again) on a dark night

'See you on a dark night' 2013. Acrylic, spray paint and collage on digitally printed fabric. 135 x 150cm.
Perth souvenirs.
Cover of the PICA Salon catalogue
This photo is exactly what being an artist is like. (Just joking)

My name on a wall YEP.
Towards the end of PICA Salon opening
The Hyatt at Perth is very Guggenheim-esque. I really liked the architecture and the low ceilings on each level.
I had a really fun, relaxing weekend in Perth. It was just what I needed. Nothing beats just getting away for a couple of days and staying in a hotel. If you know me you know that I love hotels, the idea of hotels, retro hotels, abandoned hotels, etc. My Dad came to Perth with me and we stayed at the Hyatt. It was really fancy with a pool, gym, etc. My favourite part about it though was the breakfast buffet. A buffet breakfast is the ultimate luxury according to me. Luckily my poor little stomach started feeling much better once that buffet breakfast came around and I took FULL advantage of it. I am slightly embarrassed to say that I even took some muffins and croissants in my bag to eats as snacks later in the day. Yep. I'm one of those people.

Above are some photos I took on the night of the big opening at PICA. I sold my painting and I was so happy about that, because the couple who bought it were SO excited and ran up to me to tell me and I got to meet them and chat to them about the work. It was a really satisfying and happy feeling. It was worth going all the way there if only for that. :). I didn't do a lot in Perth other than go to the opening. I really, really needed time to just sleep and not talk to people. I watched a lot of Max that music channel that's on Foxtel. They had so many great countdowns like top 25 'Girls Night Out' songs and stuff. Loved it. I did go for lots of drives with Dad because he likes to drive around the suburbs and look at the houses. That was fun. I also went to Myer which was fun too. Other than sleeping in a hotel something else that is more relaxing is going to Myer or David Jones and wandering around.

Beautiful Mosman Park a suburb in Perth
This is what Dad buys when I ask him to get snacks. Seriously.
Watching the girl's night out countdown. NANCY SINATRA, QUEEN
Mini toothpaste!
I had such a great weekend YAY but now I am back to real life again. I'm feeling so much better and eating is fun again and I actually feel like I can do stuff. Went out for dinner with my buddies last night for African and had a great time. I should have mini-holidays more often.

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