Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Frowns and Flukes

Made the above collage today on my sick bed. Still moping but at least I was up on my computer getting stuff done today. I felt like I achieved SOMETHING even if I did miss out on the media preview of the Walter Van Beirendonck show at the RMIT Design Hub. FML! Again. Not dying! To distract myself I'm trying to come up with some amazing outfit in my head to wear to the PICA Salon opening without buying anything new except I think I want to buy one new thing which is a pair of earrings. It's so crazy because as I was writing that previous sentence I also was thinking how I wanted a particular pair of amazing of shoes as well, but I was like "no way cannot afford" - so they were out of the question but I remembered about this competition that I entered on Facebook the other day to win the particular pair of shoes and I was like no way in hell would I win but then I just went onto the Facebook page to check and GUESS WHAT I WON THEM! Like I literally only just found out then, ha, and it has cheered me up SO MUCH! YAY! So they're the beautiful chunky winter 'Daria' sandal from Alpha60! A label that I just love and have to say I have been a fan for a while and own a lot of their pieces! Not to mention another pair of their shoes which I wore to my Feel Flows opening. Now I can wear this pair of shoes to another opening! And they look really comfy too for lots of standing around. YAY!

Was also looking through a bunch of collage material today. Found these cool bikinis that made me want summer time ever more. I scanned these from the Women's Day Summer Crochet book :)

That's all for now. More positive thoughts in my mind now since I won those shoes. Ha! The way to me heart is through material goods y'all! ;) If someone can get me the above daisy bikini I'll love ya forever!

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