Monday, July 1, 2013

Far away places

On the weekend I went to the Camberwell market and bought a few things. The best was a small browned envelope filled with photographs from someone's exotic journey to India. They're small, rectangular photographs with a thin white border and there's about 28 of them. I'm thinking these photographs were taken in the 1940s perhaps, but if anyone can tell more approximately when these were taken, let me know! They're just such dreamy, beautiful objects I can't even explain, so so special. My favourites are the ones with elephants in them, and the one below with the man and woman in the safari hats. I wonder if they were the people who went on the journey. I will most likely never know.

Yep. That took a relatively long time to scan but I just wanted to share these with everyone!

That's me!
New '70s shoes! :D
Today I was installing a show at Bus Projects. I'm in a fun group show with all my buddies, called 'Blue miles for the ocean, green miles through the palm trees, and yellow miles over sandy stretches' and it's about colour! You can read more about it on The Thousands here: If you remember me talking about auras and asking you all "What colour am I?" then this is where I'm showing that self portrait colour work! I made a painting and a fabric hanging. It's pretty rough and loose which I like. If you wanna come to the opening it's this Wednesday night (6pm) at Bus Projects, 25-31 Rokeby Street, Collingwood. Also, hey, I just got Twitter. My username is minnagilligan and you should follow me if you want to of course!

Again, I apologise for the long time no post thing. I'm working on it! I like blogs that update often and I want my own blog to be a blog that I like, ha, and yeah. I'm just figuring out a schedule of sorts for myself so that I can fit as much as possible into my life and also have time to relax and eat cereal and watch the Simpsons ya know.


  1. Holy moly those photos are incredible! The scans are wonderful but the actual physical photos themselves must be even better! Also love your new shoes.

  2. Those photos are amazing! I love how empty everything looks, like they had this exotic place all to themselves.