Monday, July 15, 2013

All quiet on the Western front

I'm SO frustrated with myself because I'm sick, again, and I have my trip to Perth this Friday. I'm sad because it always seems that whenever I have these fun things to look forward to, I've already worked myself into the ground so much that I get sick and then it becomes something that I'm not able to enjoy or something. And, I've cancelled so many social engagements lately and been a dodgy friend because I'm just like I HAVE TO BE BETTER FOR PERTH so I've been moping at home like a big moper not talking to anyone and not doing anything. But I'm not dying. I have my anti-nausea tablets and my determination. Ha. I am visualizing myself all dolled up at the big opening having a good time so it will happen yep. I have been enjoying myself at home watching The Simpsons, and I feel like I sound silly like Homer in that episode where he like breaks his knee while playing basketball and goes to hospital and Doctor Hibbert is like "Now Homer, there are lots of other people who have it much worse than you" and Homer like sniffles and says "No they don't", you know, like even though they totally do. And then he precedes to start the day care centre from his house. A really underrated episode in my opinion.

It ain't all doom and gloom, I felt happier today when I got an email from Kinki Gerlinki with some of the photos from our photoshoot the other day! Good vibes good vibes good vibes. Styling is by Caitlin Liversidge, photographs by Jess Olanda and all clothing and accessories is Kinki Gerlinki! (cept for the shoes, they're Funkis) AND the image in the background is a fabric print of mine! :D

Okay so yeaaah you have probably seen enough of my face for a very long time. Will keep that in mind. I'm so excited about upcoming stuff. I am so so determined to be like the healthiest person ever once I get better from this thing like i'll eat those green smoothies and like those super foods that Jennifer Hawkins advertises on TV you know... ha actually no. I will probably continue to live off broccoli and cereal forever.


  1. ahhhh this is amazing!!!!! the sunglasses are adorable

  2. gah I hope you feel better soon
    also those sunglasses are amazing <3

  3. Get well soon Minna, Perth will be amazing! xx