Monday, July 29, 2013

Where were they going without ever knowing the way?

Thanks for such beautiful responses to my last post *EMAILS YOU GUYS!* It seems like y'all want me to get a lil more personal up in here! I will definitely keep that in mind. The past few days I've spent a lot of time in my studio in Collingwood. If I'm being totally honest here, I don't use my studio that much. I am lucky to have a really big room at home and have been unhealthily working cross legged on my bed, or with a massive painting leaning up against my desk or something. I made all my paintings for my last show at home. I don't know why. I am a homebody at heart and although it's often difficult having a mammoth painting staring at you while you try to go to sleep of a night (spooky) - it ended up working out okay - but - I really plan to try and use my studio more from now on. I mean I always think that after I pay my rent each month but I mean it this time! Ha.

Don't have much else to offer tonight... I'm watching Q and A right now and find myself getting more and more interested in politics and stuff. I am finding it really interesting, mainly in forming my own opinions on things of that nature which I am not used to doing. Nothing can make you feel more important than having an opinion.

Tomorrow I'm being interviewed *on location* at my studio for an article in a magazine. I'm looking forward to this - gives me a chance to ramble about myself - luckily not politics. What did Frida say something like "I paint myself because I am so often alone and I am the subject I know best." That makes sense. Will post again soon :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Turn the lights off, carry me home

I went back to my old high school the other night to give a talk about my 'career'. I was asked to do it a while ago and I said yes but as the date got closer I got some bad vibes and more and more thought that it was a bad idea. I was nervous, couldn't write my talk properly and had a feeling of dull dread every time I thought about the approaching evening. My high school experience was generally good, I had a handful of beautiful, fun friends and everything was generally fine but it just wasn't the place for me. There I was average, treated as average, encouraged to be average. It's like when Marge Simpson in the Simpsons tried to run her Pretzel Wagon and it wasn't going so well, and she says to Bart and Lisa "Aim low. Aim so low no-one will even care if you succeed". That's what I felt was encouraged while I was at high school. In my opinion it's in keeping with the Australian mentality in regards to 'Tall Poppies' - like, don't get too ahead of yourself. Don't have dreams because you just might just achieve them you know.

I can't even describe how strange it was to go back to my old school. I hadn't been back since my last day there almost 5 years ago, and so much has changed since that day. Getting out of that school and going to VCA was the best thing that ever happened to me, and I can't help but think how much earlier I could have come to know myself as I do now if I had of been in a similar environment to VCA where dreams are celebrated and people help and encourage you to achieve them. I guess a lot of creative people in high school felt hemmed-in or that their dreams were being quashed - I sure ain't the only one to feel that. But that was the reason I was feeling weird about going back, even though I am sufficiently happy with where I am in life at the moment so I had a good amount of "I told you so" to help me.

Anyway the talk was fine. I was as awkward as expected, made some jokes and was the only presenter, of course, to have made a powerpoint presentation and written out a long speech thing. I spent the whole day writing the presentation because I was so nervous, but I needn't have as I was looking out to a vast sea of uninterested, blank faces. They didn't get it. I could literally have got up on the table and danced to MIA's 'Bad Girls' and not get a reaction. I did get to introduce myself as an artist though, which was as much satisfaction as I expected from the experience really. Bleh. It's over. There was one girl though, who's Mother asked me a question. The young girl had a dark beanie on and a shy but smart half-smile on her face. If I reached her and not a single other soul, then I guess it was worth it.

When I left I vowed never, ever to go back again, unless they're like dedicating an assembly to me or something or you know unveiling a statue of me (HA) - so I had to take a selfie in the bathroom. I remember looking at myself in those very same bathroom mirrors at least 5+ times a day when I was 15, laughing high-pitched and hysterically with my friends, talking on our banned mobile phones, getting dressed into a mortifying and incredibly culturally insensitive costume insisted upon me by an art teacher making us do a Bollywood dancing performance at assembly, climbing over cubicles and more laughing, applying make-up to go to the shopping centre after school - it honestly seems like an absolute eternity ago. It could not be farther away.

Not one part of me ever missed high school. Not ever for a single second did I or do I wish I was back there, but I do get nostalgic for the carelessness of it all. It was so 'nothing' and I was so young and sometimes I think my nostalgia for these times is more me wishing I could re-live it with myself now - knowing what I do now, and being who I am now.

Since going back to high school the other night I've also found myself incredibly fond of listening to Blink 182, Good Charlotte and Greenday. Particularly heart-wrenching right now is Blink 182's like most popular song 'All The Small Things' which did serve as a soundtrack to some of my life in those early teen years. I find the lyrics genuinely profound and really reminiscent of youth and that particular brand of carelessness where you actually care about everything, but the everything you care about isn't really anything. I wish I knew then that the everything was nothing, and I would have concerned myself with more important things, asked more important questions, been interested in more important things. Being a teen is about being sad and not knowing why and missing something you don't know what it is. That was exactly my experience but what I didn't remember is that the night will go on, my little windmill. Ha. I hope you got that lyric reference. Anyway..

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

See you (again) on a dark night

'See you on a dark night' 2013. Acrylic, spray paint and collage on digitally printed fabric. 135 x 150cm.
Perth souvenirs.
Cover of the PICA Salon catalogue
This photo is exactly what being an artist is like. (Just joking)

My name on a wall YEP.
Towards the end of PICA Salon opening
The Hyatt at Perth is very Guggenheim-esque. I really liked the architecture and the low ceilings on each level.
I had a really fun, relaxing weekend in Perth. It was just what I needed. Nothing beats just getting away for a couple of days and staying in a hotel. If you know me you know that I love hotels, the idea of hotels, retro hotels, abandoned hotels, etc. My Dad came to Perth with me and we stayed at the Hyatt. It was really fancy with a pool, gym, etc. My favourite part about it though was the breakfast buffet. A buffet breakfast is the ultimate luxury according to me. Luckily my poor little stomach started feeling much better once that buffet breakfast came around and I took FULL advantage of it. I am slightly embarrassed to say that I even took some muffins and croissants in my bag to eats as snacks later in the day. Yep. I'm one of those people.

Above are some photos I took on the night of the big opening at PICA. I sold my painting and I was so happy about that, because the couple who bought it were SO excited and ran up to me to tell me and I got to meet them and chat to them about the work. It was a really satisfying and happy feeling. It was worth going all the way there if only for that. :). I didn't do a lot in Perth other than go to the opening. I really, really needed time to just sleep and not talk to people. I watched a lot of Max that music channel that's on Foxtel. They had so many great countdowns like top 25 'Girls Night Out' songs and stuff. Loved it. I did go for lots of drives with Dad because he likes to drive around the suburbs and look at the houses. That was fun. I also went to Myer which was fun too. Other than sleeping in a hotel something else that is more relaxing is going to Myer or David Jones and wandering around.

Beautiful Mosman Park a suburb in Perth
This is what Dad buys when I ask him to get snacks. Seriously.
Watching the girl's night out countdown. NANCY SINATRA, QUEEN
Mini toothpaste!
I had such a great weekend YAY but now I am back to real life again. I'm feeling so much better and eating is fun again and I actually feel like I can do stuff. Went out for dinner with my buddies last night for African and had a great time. I should have mini-holidays more often.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Girl you know you gotta watch ur health

Quick post before I go to Perth for PICA Salon! Rookie Day tickets are now available for just $15 here: Get on it before they sell out seriously! It says that you're supposed to be under 20, but hey, I'm 22, and I don't think they'll be checking IDs? But, you didn't hear anything from me! ha!

Feeling okay, gotta get up at 4am in the morning to get to the airport which is a super drag but I think the more I'm 'on the go' and not moping, the better I feel. I have magic tablets to get me through just in case but I am sure I will be fine. Can't wait to leave this hell hole! Just joking. Can't wait to blow this popsicle stand! Just joking again. I need to get some sleep.

Packed, pretty much. I really like Yakult and I know that's really weird but whatever. Tavi's on the cover of this month's Yen Magazine! It's so good you guys! Get it! I will be reading it on the plane tomorrow. At a crazy hour. Goodnight everyone.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Frowns and Flukes

Made the above collage today on my sick bed. Still moping but at least I was up on my computer getting stuff done today. I felt like I achieved SOMETHING even if I did miss out on the media preview of the Walter Van Beirendonck show at the RMIT Design Hub. FML! Again. Not dying! To distract myself I'm trying to come up with some amazing outfit in my head to wear to the PICA Salon opening without buying anything new except I think I want to buy one new thing which is a pair of earrings. It's so crazy because as I was writing that previous sentence I also was thinking how I wanted a particular pair of amazing of shoes as well, but I was like "no way cannot afford" - so they were out of the question but I remembered about this competition that I entered on Facebook the other day to win the particular pair of shoes and I was like no way in hell would I win but then I just went onto the Facebook page to check and GUESS WHAT I WON THEM! Like I literally only just found out then, ha, and it has cheered me up SO MUCH! YAY! So they're the beautiful chunky winter 'Daria' sandal from Alpha60! A label that I just love and have to say I have been a fan for a while and own a lot of their pieces! Not to mention another pair of their shoes which I wore to my Feel Flows opening. Now I can wear this pair of shoes to another opening! And they look really comfy too for lots of standing around. YAY!

Was also looking through a bunch of collage material today. Found these cool bikinis that made me want summer time ever more. I scanned these from the Women's Day Summer Crochet book :)

That's all for now. More positive thoughts in my mind now since I won those shoes. Ha! The way to me heart is through material goods y'all! ;) If someone can get me the above daisy bikini I'll love ya forever!

Monday, July 15, 2013

All quiet on the Western front

I'm SO frustrated with myself because I'm sick, again, and I have my trip to Perth this Friday. I'm sad because it always seems that whenever I have these fun things to look forward to, I've already worked myself into the ground so much that I get sick and then it becomes something that I'm not able to enjoy or something. And, I've cancelled so many social engagements lately and been a dodgy friend because I'm just like I HAVE TO BE BETTER FOR PERTH so I've been moping at home like a big moper not talking to anyone and not doing anything. But I'm not dying. I have my anti-nausea tablets and my determination. Ha. I am visualizing myself all dolled up at the big opening having a good time so it will happen yep. I have been enjoying myself at home watching The Simpsons, and I feel like I sound silly like Homer in that episode where he like breaks his knee while playing basketball and goes to hospital and Doctor Hibbert is like "Now Homer, there are lots of other people who have it much worse than you" and Homer like sniffles and says "No they don't", you know, like even though they totally do. And then he precedes to start the day care centre from his house. A really underrated episode in my opinion.

It ain't all doom and gloom, I felt happier today when I got an email from Kinki Gerlinki with some of the photos from our photoshoot the other day! Good vibes good vibes good vibes. Styling is by Caitlin Liversidge, photographs by Jess Olanda and all clothing and accessories is Kinki Gerlinki! (cept for the shoes, they're Funkis) AND the image in the background is a fabric print of mine! :D

Okay so yeaaah you have probably seen enough of my face for a very long time. Will keep that in mind. I'm so excited about upcoming stuff. I am so so determined to be like the healthiest person ever once I get better from this thing like i'll eat those green smoothies and like those super foods that Jennifer Hawkins advertises on TV you know... ha actually no. I will probably continue to live off broccoli and cereal forever.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm feelin' 22 but it smells like teen spirit

Yesterday was a really crazy day. I got all dolled up because I was going to Kinki Gerlinki headquarters to be photographed in some of their new clothes for their website! So fun. I just love their label, it's so 'Melbourne' and I think that's really special. Anyway on my way there I ran into my friend Yalei which was really nice, because I am really terrible and usually avoid people if I see them on the street or whatever because I feel like they'll be like "Oh man now I have to talk to Minna" but Yalei seemed happy to see me and I am getting much better at being an adult lately. Anyway once I got off the train I checked my phone and I had a missed call from a lady I know who works at The Age. She wanted me to come in and do some filming for a video announcing the SECRET that I thought I wasn't allowed to talk about till the 19th of July. So I said I would go there after my shoot at Kinki Gerlinki! I felt so famous yesterday!

Anyway so I had a great time at Kinki Gerlinki and then they gave me all these clothes to wear to the video filming including something I'd been eyeing off since forever which is like a purple silk cowgirl shirt which I love. So I rushed off in my fancy new outfit to the big Age offices in the city and was whisked through crazy clear doors and swiped into weird rooms and was taken to this video room where my face was on like 7 screens from all different angles and I really wanted to take a photo but it was inappropriate at the time. I was really proud of myself because I thought I would do a really bad job, but it ended up being quite okay and I didn't think I sounded weird or anything like you know how you hear your voice back and it's weird? I didn't think it was weird for once which is cool. It's not that I said anything ground breaking but I got through so YAY.

SO BASICALLY turns out the press release for this thing I'm talking about was today, so I didn't have to hang on to my secret until the 19th after all which is lucky cause I'd pretty much told everyone anyway... awks. Okay so here's the video:

SO YES WOO HOO Tavi is coming to the home girt by sea. We are involved in an event called 'Rookie Day' where I will be speaking and also a part of the panel. I am SO EXCITED. I am also nervous. I am also deeply concerned about what I am going to wear. DEEPLY CONCERNED NOT EVEN BEING SARCASTIC.

Okay yep I could not resist taking a screen cap because in a screen cap it looks like I am on A Current Affair or something which is so funny. I love how it's like 'MINNA GILLIGAN. ARTIST'. I am reading that in a really serious funny voice in my head which is why it's funny to me it sounds like it should say 'Marine Biologist' or something you know. I woke up at 4am this morning all nervous about this thing because I knew it was coming out this morning. I had Taylor Swift's '22' in my head like real bad and I was really wired just laying there in bed like fidgeting around. I love Taylor Swift a lot she is really cool and in my spare time I have been watching videos of her like 'before she was famous' on Youtube and it's cool because I see similarities between her and a young Madonna. I love that unabashed ambition you know and I think that's something I want to talk about at Rookie Day maybe but I am not sure.

Stay tuned for some random unrelated pix:

It's a long story.
Kool fabric at Savers on Sunday
Some little sneak peak photos from Kinki!
Dressing up with sunnies and mini skirts and stuff made me want summer SO. MUCH.
I made this thingy for a thing thought it was cool.
Literally have not even shown you guys this bad boy yet my new Verner bomber jacket! Makes me feel so '50s and tough. Also my 'Minna' necklace is doin' the rounds, I lurve it!
Ha also I just remembered I made this playlist that I have not published yet so like may as well chuck something else in this mish mash for y'all. Been so OBSESSED with ABBA lately and watched Muriel's Wedding for the first time (I know what even) So I guess I was inspired by that. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The winner takes it all

Can't believe it, but Saturday was the last day of my show Feel Flows at Daine Singer. Someone asked me yesterday if I get depressed after a show ends, or if I hit a rut or something, and I said no. I'm always exhausted emotionally and stuff, but with a good night's sleep to recoup, I pretty quickly move on from that. I'm lucky in a sense that I have 'next things' to focus on at the moment, and being busy - as much I complain about it, is a privilege that I'm very lucky have thrust upon me. I hope it never ends.

I am positively bursting with an announcement, that is BEYOND exciting, but I am unable to speak about until approximately the 19th of July. I can't believe I haven't told anyone yet. I can say that it has to do with the upcoming Melbourne Writer's Festival (MWF), but that's all I can say. So, I get through days at work, dumb commitments and cold winter days thinking about this thing and how it will almost be Spring when this thing is happening, and soon summer, and days will be long and people will walk slower and I can wear dresses without tights and open toed shoes and bask in the sunshine and go dancing with my friends.

I thought I would upload images of my work from Feel Flows for those of you who didn't see them in real life! I was so pleased with this show, with everything, and I'm excited to announce that I'm now a represented artist at Daine Singer! So there you have it! You can view all the information about each of these works here: Other than that, enjoy!

Love, Minna.