Friday, June 14, 2013

The Boss

Above is some Rookie stuff. I am so unable to string together a post tonight. Truth be told I'm watching The Devil Wears Prada on Channel 10, which I happen to have seen many times before. I find the further I get into this monstrosity the more I enjoy it, and subsequently the more brain cells I lose. I am of the perspective that Andrea's friends and boyfriend are terrible when they get angry at her for being dedicated to her new job and angry that she's into fashion like that has made her a 'bad' person because its concerned with one's outward appearance. I think that's really unfair. It's interesting because I watched The September Issue the other night which is the documentary about Anna Wintour and she said that her brother works as the political editor of The Guardian and that he didn't think 'much' of her job you know. Like it's frivolous, unimportant or unnecessary. I disagree for reasons I'm too tired to articulate, but for the same reason I know that art is necessary.

Winter is here. Trying to adjust my vibes and music taste and number of layers I wear when I go out. It's freezing and all I talk about to people is how cold it is and how cold I am and no-one else seems to be as cold as me so I think I need to get more clothes or thermals or something and a beanie. I've never had a beanie in my life but I'm going to get one and see how it goes. The end of this film is terrible how she throws her phone in the fountain. I mean no one does that unless of course you have, please let me know. I have lots of work to do but I'm analyzing the politics within The Devil Wears Prada. I didn't think I could reach these heights.

I haven't known what to post since my opening, so I haven't really posted anything. And now I posted this but it's so dumb and I can't quite believe it. Please expect bigger things next time. Miranda is the best character in the whole movie.

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  1. You know, I feel the exact same way every time I watch that movie. I alway think they're trying to make me feel like Andrea has become a bad person or something - but I can't. And I too was sort of amazed about the Anna Wintour thing. Seems like of all the people who should get street cred for fashion work, it ought to be her. I don't understand it and it makes me tired to think about it.