Friday, June 7, 2013

Its tomorrow

I woke up at 6am this morning and said to myself "Its tomorrow", meaning that the opening is tomorrow, which it is. In about forty-five minutes the opening will be today.

I'm trying to get an early night but I'm super hyper! Here are some pictures of cool places I want to live in:

Secret news: Rookie Mag #2 is out in October! :D
This whole week I've been like "I can't wait till Friday cause I want to make a playlist on 8tracks for my blog called 'Feel Flows' and it's going to be like the soundtrack to my exhibition and it will be amazing", but to be totally honest with you I've been too exhausted to 'curate' something I think is decent, and thus far haven't stumbled across a song I feel is in the same sinister, haunting league as this Beach Boys one, AND, well, the past couple of days I've kind of just been listening to Tina Arena who happens to be my favourite. Maybe I'll name my next show after one of her songs. Anyway I'll make the aforementioned playlist happen when I get over this Sorrento Moon phase. In the meantime if you do live in Melbourne, and wanna come to my opening tomorrow, I would absolutely love to have you. Daine Singer Gallery is at 325 Flinders Lane. The opening tomorrow is from 3pm-5pm and Pamela is performing at 3.30pm. Free dranks and I'll be wearing a pretty wild outfit. If you're a reader and want to come but feel like it could be weird, trust me and let your feels flow away cause it won't be weird, I'd love to meet you, and talk to you, and make a fool outta myself. Thanks for listening to my endless rants of promotion. BIG love to you all!

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