Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fire and Rain

My illustration for Tavi's interview with Sofia Coppola on Rookie Mag!
Hello, is it me you're looking for?
Nicole Breedon at Chapter House Lane
Orchids for Bree
Above; "stuff" from the past few days. So privileged and excited to illustrate Tavi's interview with Sofia Coppola for Rookie Mag. Yeehaw! Read it here:

Right now I am actually asleep I think, because I am so tired. Last night Louis showed me his favourite movie ever and I fell asleep so I felt bad because I should have stayed awake through the end. I think I feel exhausted because I feel like I have not had any like 'alone time' in a really long time and I really hate not having alone time but then I feel like I am a bad person for feeling like that. I feel different around people than I do when I am by myself. This is strange because I am only just realizing that this is not normal? I guess I spent a lot of my teen time alone, which set a precedent for my young adulthood. Is it okay to want to be alone for a large majority of my time? Does it make me a bad person? Is it detrimental to who I am and who I want to be?

I wonder what would happen if I replied to all my emails immediately? I would probably have much less un-read message anxiety when logging into my account. I think my thing with 'alone time' has something to do with leaving emails for days at a time. I just need to have some alone time, with them.
If I was prompt and loose with my communication would I get more things done, would more opportunities arise? If I didn't have to have my alone time how many more relationships would I have had, how many more people would I have loved and perhaps lost. Would I be happy or sad. Would I feel more profoundly connected with those around me? I can only ever give so much before I stop. I've never gone over that precipice. I told you I was tired. Or asleep, whatever. This makes profound sense to a delirious me right now. I ain't winging, just wondering, by the way. Things are good because I am busy, but I always do crave being exactly where I am now, in a space where I'm probably the least alone person ever, but I can write as if I'm the only person in the world.

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  1. It is most definitely super ok to need time by yourself! I am the same. You should really take a moment to watch this TED talk about the value of introverts. It changed my life, no kidding! I spent my whole life feeling like there was something wrong with me for being introverted, i.e enjoying alone time. Definitely not the case!