Monday, June 10, 2013


Okay phew that's alotta photos. Most of the ones up the top are taken by my friend Steph (her website is here) and a few are by my Aunt and my little sister. Joint effort.

Last night was just brilliant. I've never felt so much love and support in one room, it was overwhelming to say the least. I'm not an 'old hand' at my own solo openings yet, I've done two and this was my third, but at each one I feel cooler, calmer and more collected - more able to hold some sort of coherent conversation. Thank you to every single person who came to the opening, and of course those who have seen/will pop into see the show while it's up. I appreciate your interest and support monumentally so, you all make it so easy to do what I do, and you all make me feel that I can do much more within the realms of what I do. After last night I'm feeling more ambitious and driven than ever, easy when you know there are so many people behind you. I want to do so many things with my life and with art and after nights like last night I think that my most private, wild, dreamy daydreams for my 'career' are possible. So, thank you, so much!

Pamela's performance was very well received. Some of our audience even thought that our mistakes were purposefully orchestrated which in my opinion is the beauty of playing to a crowd who has been to art school. We're planning on doing some recording soon and perhaps releasing a small EP. This is something I'm really looking forward to. I love being able to incorporate my love for music and the 'melody' into my work in a very real, participatory way. I think the performance really loosened up the whole exhibition opening vibe, which is what I think is the most beautiful thing about it. Looking at people laughing and smiling at us was a really special thing, and I think made people feel much more at ease in their surroundings. The last thing I ever want my work to be is stiff, or cold, and I think having the performance at the opening really made this not the case.

The president of the Beach Boys fan club came to my show. This was probably pretty much the most exciting thing ever in my whole life. He was a little confused but I think impressed nonetheless that someone so young made a whole art show inspired by a relatively obscure Beach Boys song. I find it funny that older people are shocked when younger people have knowledge of or really love some old band, it's just like "HELLO, the INTERNET!" you know? Get with the program!

After the opening, me and the lovely hanger ons who happen to be my best friends, came out for some more drinks and some food at Thousand Pound Bend. My little sister gave me a huge packet of peanut butter M&Ms, and I also cracked those open for snacking. We laughed about stuff and baulked a the price of beer and wished we'd carried our unfinished ones from the gallery. We all think alike. It felt like about 3am when everyone decided to go their separate ways, even though it was much earlier. I went home and was really wired as I ate a bowl of cereal. As soon as my head hit the pillow though, I fell asleep. I dreamt SO WEIRDLY about other worlds, and about traveling to these other worlds in secret, and about getting there and not being able to come back. I woke up, had lunch and then went back to sleep until 6pm. I am totally, completely and utterly exhausted, but also totally, completely and utterly happy with 'Feel Flows', and at the fact that so many of you beautiful people experienced it.


  1. the opening sounds and looks like it was lovely. that guy with the funky hair and funnt faces is so cool haha.

  2. ima come see it when i am in melby on the 16th onwards xxoxoxo

  3. I cannot wait to come see it! I should be there on Friday or Saturday :D