Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Style

Quick post! People in Melbourne and Sydney, pick up a copy of the Herald Sun today and check out page 45 of the insert magazine 'Sunday Style'! I will be there :O AND another quick thing, I'm selling these shoes on Ebay, check them out


  1. You're the best, minna. I am forever in awe of your art, and your style is AH-MAZING!

    1. Hey Rachel!!! Thanks so much, that is lovely :D XXX

  2. When I saw that you said you had shoes for sale, I thought for a sec you were selling your JC rainbow platforms that were in the profile picture, and I was like 'what??? why??? how could she?"...but phew, it's all Ok! Well done for all your recent work btw! ;-) Gem

  3. Omg haha I know! i read over that post and thought that was exactly how it sounded! Sorry for the confusion! XX Minna

  4. Hey Rachel!!! Thanks so much, that is lovely :D XXX