Saturday, May 11, 2013


I'm still grumpy. I'm still sick. I am aware that I sound like a boring broken record, but I literally cannot believe it is taking me so long to get over this and when I wake up in the morning and I don't feel any better I just get monumentally frustrated because it means another day wasted when I should be working on paintings. I've been sleeping a lot, and every time I sleep I have a different dream about my upcoming exhibition, a stressful dream about riding a bike there and falling off, of it being in a supermarket, of there only being one work... I know these things won't be the case, I don't have a bike and I'm pretty sure the gallery won't be relocating to a supermarket any time soon, but I just feel really nervous about it the more time goes by and I can't think or work on stuff!

I'm so sorry for being so complainy... on a lighter note, I had a great time in Sydney! I really did, even though I sounded terrible and was blowing my nose every 5 minutes. Georgie and I had lots of laughs and stayed in a funny hotel and spoke to weird people and then laughed about them later. We also wore Adam and Eve costumes for the Constructed World performance and it was hilarious. Here is a pic you probably don't want to see:

Pretty funny! Geoff, Jon, Georgie and I had breakfast in the morning at a cafe in Potts Point outside in the sun. That was really nice. I always feel like Sydney is just that little bit warmer than Melbourne, like one or two degrees but you really notice it. And Sydney is really humid, but, doesn't have that terrible wind that Melbourne gets. We didn't have a chance to do much else as we weren't up there for long, but we looked at an Op Shop and walked around a bit and ate a Subway cookie.

Lil thing I did
Packed for Sydney
Beautiful window at Roslyn Oxley Gallery
Dress I wore after the performance :)
Oh, and the images up the top are drawings I did today in bed watching the Simpsons.

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  1. Awesome drawings, so cute!xx