Saturday, May 25, 2013

Coming up behind you

I've been relatively more social than usual this week, which is good because I was beginning to get too used to my own company. I had Japanese with some long lost VCA friends on Thursday night, which was so fun and it was really great how much I laughed. Tuesday night I had burgers with my high school buddies and also reveled in some stupid laugher. I have been so 'solo' lately getting ready for my 'solo show' and forgot how long it had been since I was with my whole group of friends. Whoops. Lately I've been so caught up with my own stuff that I've forgotten friend's openings, locked my keys in my studio and made happen a plethora of other absentminded mishaps.

I realised the other day that I'm one of those people who is always rummaging through their bag looking for something. Literally that is my life. I have so much crap in my bag you would not even believe, and the amount of things I clasp at in those dark depths before I find my wallet or keys or whatever is pretty unbelievable. I'm always flustered and it's thinly veiled, my mind is always running at a million miles an hour, especially with this show coming up and other stuff coming up and work and  and and and and explosion.

I was exhausted on Friday night from work/locking keys in studio/the night before and I came home to two parcels that had come for me in the mail. It was perfect timing - new shoes (Okay, I have to confess that they are open toed, again. I couldn't help myself as they were such a bargain and even though I still can't afford anything right now I FOUND A WAY to get these cause I couldn't pass them up...) uh yeah, and then a parcel from the lovely curators at the Ontario College of Art and Design Gallery - Caroline and Vanessa. These guys organized the show I was in over there in Canada called 'Period Piece'. They are so lovely and this letter (shown above) is something I'll keep for a long time! Good vibes. I had this weird urge to watch the Disney animated Alice in Wonderland last night so I did but fell asleep half way through. I'm obsessed with the new Daft Punk album after Dylan played it at work on Friday so that's what I've been listening to today while doing the absolute finishing touches on my paintings. I can't believe I'm here already, and they've really come together (phew).

The exhibition is really real now cause I have a Facebook event for it. As lame as it may be but in all honesty that seriously legitimized it for me. People are coming to see it. If you're interested in coming just click attending hurrrrr: I would love to meet some more readers!

(Could I write any more right now?) The other day I went to see Mix Tape 1980s at NGV. My favourites were the Jenny Watson and the Mike Brown of course!

Jenny Watson
Mike Brown
One more thing check this out too a little article on WeHeart about Feel Flows! Exciting! Will stop talking now. See you soon.

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  1. haha show us your new shoes! now you said they were total bargain, i'm curious to see what they look like!
    i would definetly have come to see your show but i live in switzerland and so.. well, quite (VERY) far away... :(