Monday, May 20, 2013

Be my baby

Last night Louis and I went to the movies and saw Tabu, which was literally one of the most magnificent contemporary films I've ever seen - you know those ones that make you appreciate the medium of cinema again so entirely because of its ability to conjure from nothing these utterly perfect aesthetic and emotional vignettes, and when you leave the cinema it is a rude awakening where things seem ugly and rough and too loud. I recommend this film so wholeheartedly if you want that experience. I felt chilled and euphoric and sad and it was the perfect way to relax after a hard week working hard for the man and on my own art stuff!

Above is a still from the second part of Tabu, called 'Paradise'. This part of the film was set in the late '50s/early '60s in Africa and they were just scenes from my dreams. I mean seriously just go see it in whatever way you can. It's playing at the Nova at the moment for those who live in Melbourne. Phew. I promise I'm not being paid by the promoters or anything. It was just THAT good.

Cause of the movie I was all excited about the '60s and wanted to buy a whole bunch of new clothes and stuff to facilitate these new vibes but I have no money because I have spent it all on art. Pretty much all of it. So for once I my life I really REALLY couldn't buy new clothes on a whim so I just got the above earrings from Kinki Gerlinki. I'm learning the value of small accessories in conjuring up new outfits. I got grey tights the other day and they've also helped. I mean I have enough clothes. I just want more so I can be the perfect protagonist in every possible fantasy narrative I imagine in my mind.

Here's some art instagrams from this week:

And here are some images from a collaboration I did with Eleanor Hardwick. These collages were in an exhibition at Lamp Harajuku in Tokyo, Japan!

I think that's all for now... except for this, I can't embed it - but go forth:


  1. The collages are amazing...and the film sounds awesome too, I want to see it now! :)

    1. Thakn you lovely!! Yep you should definitely watch Tabu it's AMAZING!