Sunday, May 5, 2013

96 Tears

I am going on the road to Sydney this week! It will be fun, a little getaway even though I reallllly should be painting. Georgie and I are going together to perform with Jon Campbell and A Constructed World at Artspace. I'm hoping I get get rid of this cold sore throat thing before singing on Wednesday! Below is the flyer, if you're based in Sydney you should totally come along!

Other news is that this print is going around the world, too!

At the Ontario College of Art and Design Gallery in Canada! Yeah! Thanks to Petra Collins for the pic ;)
My friend Georgia bought this work. Look at it in her house!
Projected behind Pamela at White Night, NGVA, Melbourne!
Here's a playlist:

and some more pictures

Jon Campbell at Kalimanrawlins! '10 Years of Neon' go see it!
Send me get well vibes pppuhlease! I complain WAY too much, and as a certain someone would say "WAH" in the most affectionate way possible.


  1. Oh lord you're coming to Sydney! I might go with a friend to see you!

  2. your art is very interesting, love your collages! congrats - it's a great joy for an artist, having her work shown all around the world~
    i'm in art high school, so for now i can just show my art on the internet
    [ ]