Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cloud City

Rehearsal with Pamela yesterday. Perfect. Jon Campbell and I have written a song together, and we're going to premiere it at my opening at Daine Singer. The song is called 'Art School' and you'll simply have to wait and see, or in this case, wait and listen, to hear it on the 8th of June.

I'm also working on another project, if you can believe that, where I'm to make a work for a show based on colour. I'm going to make a painting like I usually do, but this time it's going to be dictated by the answers that people give me to a particular question. The question is "What colour am I?". I'm thinking about auras, and synesthesia - how sound can be colour, or taste can be colour etc. I'm interested to know what colour I am - that is, what colour particular individuals associate me as a person with. I will then collate the results into what percentage of each colour I am, e.g 30% blue, 40% green and 30% yellow, or whatever, and paint a painting using roughly that amount of each colour. It will be a 'self portrait'. SO basically I need your help if you're into it, just comment on this post or send me an email ( with what colour you think I am! Easy peasy!

Image I scanned from 'Better Homes and Gardens: Flower Arranging' Pink and red are the vibes at the moment.
Relatively new collage stuff
A totally meta self portrait of sorts. I couldn't resist cutting out the picture of myself and using it for a work
Tavi interviewed Emma Watson for Rookie Mag, and I got to illustrate it! Check out the interview here:
Went to the Savers 50% off sale and bought this stuff. My expectations were low so I was pretty pleased!
So that's been my life for the past few days. Hours are creeping by quickly under my nose and the week's already almost over. I begin install on the weekend and can't quite believe it. Winter's coming and this exact time last year I was in New York on the rooftop at the MET, navigating alone Tomás Saraceno's work 'Cloud City', catching my reflection occasionally and thinking about life 'n' love, and how amazing it is that you can travel half way across the world in a matter of hours - how easy it is to be physically far away from the bubble that is everything you've ever known, and yet still harbor an enormous amount of home.

Here is a picture I took of me in 'Cloud City' last May. I remember exactly how I felt and what I was thinking.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Style

Quick post! People in Melbourne and Sydney, pick up a copy of the Herald Sun today and check out page 45 of the insert magazine 'Sunday Style'! I will be there :O AND another quick thing, I'm selling these shoes on Ebay, check them out

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Coming up behind you

I've been relatively more social than usual this week, which is good because I was beginning to get too used to my own company. I had Japanese with some long lost VCA friends on Thursday night, which was so fun and it was really great how much I laughed. Tuesday night I had burgers with my high school buddies and also reveled in some stupid laugher. I have been so 'solo' lately getting ready for my 'solo show' and forgot how long it had been since I was with my whole group of friends. Whoops. Lately I've been so caught up with my own stuff that I've forgotten friend's openings, locked my keys in my studio and made happen a plethora of other absentminded mishaps.

I realised the other day that I'm one of those people who is always rummaging through their bag looking for something. Literally that is my life. I have so much crap in my bag you would not even believe, and the amount of things I clasp at in those dark depths before I find my wallet or keys or whatever is pretty unbelievable. I'm always flustered and it's thinly veiled, my mind is always running at a million miles an hour, especially with this show coming up and other stuff coming up and work and  and and and and explosion.

I was exhausted on Friday night from work/locking keys in studio/the night before and I came home to two parcels that had come for me in the mail. It was perfect timing - new shoes (Okay, I have to confess that they are open toed, again. I couldn't help myself as they were such a bargain and even though I still can't afford anything right now I FOUND A WAY to get these cause I couldn't pass them up...) uh yeah, and then a parcel from the lovely curators at the Ontario College of Art and Design Gallery - Caroline and Vanessa. These guys organized the show I was in over there in Canada called 'Period Piece'. They are so lovely and this letter (shown above) is something I'll keep for a long time! Good vibes. I had this weird urge to watch the Disney animated Alice in Wonderland last night so I did but fell asleep half way through. I'm obsessed with the new Daft Punk album after Dylan played it at work on Friday so that's what I've been listening to today while doing the absolute finishing touches on my paintings. I can't believe I'm here already, and they've really come together (phew).

The exhibition is really real now cause I have a Facebook event for it. As lame as it may be but in all honesty that seriously legitimized it for me. People are coming to see it. If you're interested in coming just click attending hurrrrr: I would love to meet some more readers!

(Could I write any more right now?) The other day I went to see Mix Tape 1980s at NGV. My favourites were the Jenny Watson and the Mike Brown of course!

Jenny Watson
Mike Brown
One more thing check this out too a little article on WeHeart about Feel Flows! Exciting! Will stop talking now. See you soon.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Be my baby

Last night Louis and I went to the movies and saw Tabu, which was literally one of the most magnificent contemporary films I've ever seen - you know those ones that make you appreciate the medium of cinema again so entirely because of its ability to conjure from nothing these utterly perfect aesthetic and emotional vignettes, and when you leave the cinema it is a rude awakening where things seem ugly and rough and too loud. I recommend this film so wholeheartedly if you want that experience. I felt chilled and euphoric and sad and it was the perfect way to relax after a hard week working hard for the man and on my own art stuff!

Above is a still from the second part of Tabu, called 'Paradise'. This part of the film was set in the late '50s/early '60s in Africa and they were just scenes from my dreams. I mean seriously just go see it in whatever way you can. It's playing at the Nova at the moment for those who live in Melbourne. Phew. I promise I'm not being paid by the promoters or anything. It was just THAT good.

Cause of the movie I was all excited about the '60s and wanted to buy a whole bunch of new clothes and stuff to facilitate these new vibes but I have no money because I have spent it all on art. Pretty much all of it. So for once I my life I really REALLY couldn't buy new clothes on a whim so I just got the above earrings from Kinki Gerlinki. I'm learning the value of small accessories in conjuring up new outfits. I got grey tights the other day and they've also helped. I mean I have enough clothes. I just want more so I can be the perfect protagonist in every possible fantasy narrative I imagine in my mind.

Here's some art instagrams from this week:

And here are some images from a collaboration I did with Eleanor Hardwick. These collages were in an exhibition at Lamp Harajuku in Tokyo, Japan!

I think that's all for now... except for this, I can't embed it - but go forth:

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Surf's Up

Okay! The onslaught of me being like "come see my show!" begins now! Don't all get too excited! And yeah, I know it's still in a good couple of weeks, but this is so important to me and I'm really gonna make sure to get the word out the best way I know how which is writing here I guess. Right now I'm also releasing my artist statement so you can have a read! See below:

Minna Gilligan's most recent body of work cites the Beach Boys song Feel Flows, from their 1971 album Surf's Up. Feel Flows was recorded with a reverse echo, and unlike their other recordings, has a sinister, haunting reverie that lingers long after the last reverb of the line: "White hot glistening shadowy flows".

Gilligan's large scale paintings, on found bed-sheets and fabric, resonate and resound with similar echos. The work is full with lust, longing, and painterly psychedelia. They are the artist's imagined extracts of time, particularly the yellowed, sun-drenched '60s and '70s, spliced together to create new composites. The paintings bear an eerie, almost imperceptible trace of bodies that long ago slept on the very sheets now serving as canvas surface. Through the artist as a medium come psychic re-imaginings of a time-warped past in which universal 'feel' can ebb and flow.

Minna Gilligan works primarily with painting, drawing and collage. Her practice speaks of fleeting, personal encounters with the past and present, and manifests in a tumultuous reconciliation of both. Her works are playgrounds of colour, often inhabited by lone protagonists trapped in states of longing, sadness or exhalation.

* * *

I'm pretty excited to be able to talk more publicly about stuff and begin to tell everyone about what I've been working so hard on the past couple of months! Yay! Also when I feel stressed or busy I just start daydreaming about the exciting dress I'm going to buy for the opening night and how I'm going to have my hair etc. I find that stuff so fun and relaxing to think about. Broadsheet have kindly featured my show on their site so you can check that out there, too, incase I haven't rambled enough:

And, keep in mind that Pamela - the band consisting of Georgie Glanville, Jon Campbell and myself - will be performing at 3.30pm, Saturday the 8th of June as a part of the opening celebrations! Don't miss out we are practicing a new special song yeah! ;)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Viva Forever

I just had a moment like just then when I was lost in thought about paintings and works to make and drawings and potential ideas for a long while, and Skin by Grimes was playing on my laptop, and I sort of snapped back to reality for a second to think "I am definitely in the right profession" and felt amazing. Feeling very "pro-art" right now and excited and not as stressed and nervous as I have been the past few days. Maybe cause I can breathe through my nose finally and Louis and I hung out last night and watched Gremlins 2: The New Batch, which is literally the best movie I have ever seen not exaggerating in the slightest, no sarcastic undertones, etc.

When I was supposed to be doing things tonight I accidently went on Youtube and looked up clips of Gizmo being cute, and watched them over and over for like a long time. How could I not really?

On a heavier note I've been romanticising autumn days and this past summer. I can feel the impending winter whipping at my hair and today I thought that it was okay. Turn Turn Turn by The Birds seems appropriate to reference. I'm taking life slowly at the moment, one day at a time and not committing to lots of things. Then I made a playlist:

1. The Ballad of El Goodo - Big Star
2. Autumn - Edgar Winter & The Edgar Winter Group
3. She's Gonna Let You Down - America
4. Hushabye Mountain - Bobbie Gentry
5. Stephanie Says - The Velvet Underground
6. Albatross - Fleetwood Mac
7. Forever Young - Joan Baez
8. When You Close Your Eyes - Carly Simon

Autumn, the wind blows colder than summer.
Autumn, my loves gone with another.

Saturday, May 11, 2013


I'm still grumpy. I'm still sick. I am aware that I sound like a boring broken record, but I literally cannot believe it is taking me so long to get over this and when I wake up in the morning and I don't feel any better I just get monumentally frustrated because it means another day wasted when I should be working on paintings. I've been sleeping a lot, and every time I sleep I have a different dream about my upcoming exhibition, a stressful dream about riding a bike there and falling off, of it being in a supermarket, of there only being one work... I know these things won't be the case, I don't have a bike and I'm pretty sure the gallery won't be relocating to a supermarket any time soon, but I just feel really nervous about it the more time goes by and I can't think or work on stuff!

I'm so sorry for being so complainy... on a lighter note, I had a great time in Sydney! I really did, even though I sounded terrible and was blowing my nose every 5 minutes. Georgie and I had lots of laughs and stayed in a funny hotel and spoke to weird people and then laughed about them later. We also wore Adam and Eve costumes for the Constructed World performance and it was hilarious. Here is a pic you probably don't want to see:

Pretty funny! Geoff, Jon, Georgie and I had breakfast in the morning at a cafe in Potts Point outside in the sun. That was really nice. I always feel like Sydney is just that little bit warmer than Melbourne, like one or two degrees but you really notice it. And Sydney is really humid, but, doesn't have that terrible wind that Melbourne gets. We didn't have a chance to do much else as we weren't up there for long, but we looked at an Op Shop and walked around a bit and ate a Subway cookie.

Lil thing I did
Packed for Sydney
Beautiful window at Roslyn Oxley Gallery
Dress I wore after the performance :)
Oh, and the images up the top are drawings I did today in bed watching the Simpsons.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

96 Tears

I am going on the road to Sydney this week! It will be fun, a little getaway even though I reallllly should be painting. Georgie and I are going together to perform with Jon Campbell and A Constructed World at Artspace. I'm hoping I get get rid of this cold sore throat thing before singing on Wednesday! Below is the flyer, if you're based in Sydney you should totally come along!

Other news is that this print is going around the world, too!

At the Ontario College of Art and Design Gallery in Canada! Yeah! Thanks to Petra Collins for the pic ;)
My friend Georgia bought this work. Look at it in her house!
Projected behind Pamela at White Night, NGVA, Melbourne!
Here's a playlist:

and some more pictures

Jon Campbell at Kalimanrawlins! '10 Years of Neon' go see it!
Send me get well vibes pppuhlease! I complain WAY too much, and as a certain someone would say "WAH" in the most affectionate way possible.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The way that it is

This afternoon I found myself painting my nails with a new nailpolish that I bought called 'Moonstone' and watching Judge Judy which was pretty fun and relaxing. At the moment I'm doing some Rookie work and just hanging out with my buddy laptop.

I just deleted a whole two paragraphs that I wrote here about how angry I get when I get cornered into an intense conversation which I'd much rather not be in, especially when I have a sore throat. People talking AT me about themselves is really tiresome and unfortunately I'm not assertive enough to excuse myself from the situation politely or anything so I get stuck in these (IMO) pointless mind-numbing one-sided exchanges where I'm staring blankly at someone I hardly know basically thinking: "kill me" over and over while the other person gesticulates wildly about their latest amazing life endeavor that I don't care about. Basically I am not assertive or socially lubricated enough to extricate myself from the situation politely... if there's a way to slip away without being rude - let me know, I'm dyin' here! I feel terrible for even writing what I just wrote above - I mean I love talking to people, but you know when you get backed into a corner and you've been nodding for like 3 hours thinking you could potentially keel over - it's tough!

Anyway. Negative vibes be gone! I've got a lil article on the Yen Magazine website atm! I'm on the home page and everything yeah! Check it out here: woo hoo! I mean seriously it's actually embarrassingly flattering but like come to my show in June as they said put it in your diary or whatever if you have a diary or if you use iCal or whatever.

I wish I could be more interesting but I am exhausted. Louis and I stayed up late after the opening at Knight Street last night and watched Barton Fink, which scared the living daylights out of me. I *think* I enjoyed it, but I'm not 100% sure... obviously I loved the imagery of the woman on the beach, that was superb, and the hotel with that perfect wallpaper was great until it turned into hell or whatever that was supposed to be. I actually woke up a number of times during the night cause of that movie and I didn't even think it was scary until the second half. But I mean meh watch it I ain't no film critic and I get real scared easily...

Distance staring pondering the complexities of socializing
P.S I'm doing the Tumblr thing again as I said like one post ago but here it is again again again: