Saturday, April 27, 2013


I started posting on my really old Tumblr account again. I'm not sure how this happened. I logged back in after reading this article called 'The Teen-Girl Tumblr Aesthetic' on Hyperallergic and begun again to browse the fascinating ebb and flow of the space. The brilliant co-authors of 'The Teen Girl Tumblr Aesthetic', Alicia Eler and Kate Durbin will each be writing an essay to accompany my upcoming show at Daine Singer. I am absolutely so stoked about this and just cannot even contain myself when thinking about reading what they have to say about lil' old me for the first time. Like you guys this means I am somewhat of a real artist and I can't believe it.

Anyway so I logged into my Tumblr account from 2009 which is pretty much where I'd left it to become grave yard remnants of my first year at Art School. I trawled through my archive and suddenly I wanted it all gone so utilizing the 'mass editor' feature I googled to discover, I made it all go away. However, in true hoarder fashion I couldn't let go completely without a few screen shots:

My taste isn't dramatically different or anything but I did feel like all this stuff was very far away. Here's my tumblr now and I know there's not a whole lot going on, but it could be cool for inspiration stuff. I have to say though, Tumblr has got to be the biggest time sucker void of the internet. It is so easy to get lost in there which in a way may have been why I stopped using it all those years ago (okay, like 4 years) but I like to feel more in control of my whereabouts on the internet, not getting my attention sucked (or even tumbled!) this way and that. I guess though in the spirit of the early-twenties tumblr aesthetic I should still proceed, if it feels right - but always with caution.

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