Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Black Lodge

Last night I actually went to a party, can you believe it? It was Louis' house mate's party and it was quite the party. The front room at Louis' place is a gallery (Knight Street Art Space) and the party planners decked out the front room as 'The Black Lodge' from Twin Peaks. Like not just a crap kind of half assed Black Lodge, this was the real deal. Okay, the floor wasn't painted with the black and white zig zags but everything else, spot on.

"I'm in the black lodge with Dale Cooper"

During the day yesterday I had work at Art Guide, and I may have been a little late in the morning because I just HAD to go to the designer seconds sale at the Grace Darling on Smith Street. It was so worth it, they had Romance was Born, Verner and other great stuff. Like when I first walked in I like increased the budget I'd mentally set for myself by three times.

I didn't end up going TOO crazy, I got like four things, my favourite a Verner marbled silk top, and the RWB printed mini you can see above. Perrrrrrrfect. Tonight I'm home with my purchases, in front of the TV, and glad. ;)


  1. I love the patterns of your clothes!!

  2. minna, you are a powerhouse!

  3. That party sounds awesome!
    I love your marble top, I remember when you posted about marbling
    a while ago and thought you might be interested in bubble paint
    It's the coolest!