Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Seems like, old times

I miss just going into my studio and drawing whatever. I find myself often just completing tasks and jobs which is great actually but I miss that aimless creating that usually results in something new or different. Yesterday I went to the studio with tasks but I decided not to do them and instead put on my headphones and listen to music and draw at my desk. The results are above. I really don't know how long it's been since I've done that. It felt good even though I had a sort of bad day yesterday.

I had a great evening though, with buddies, and we watched the new episode of the Game of Thrones. I hadn't watched it before at all so wasn't so up to date on what was going on but I was just happy to hang out and be with people. The Easter weekend was VERY solitary, I think too solitary, and I really enjoyed a bit of banter last night. It was also good for me to get away from my chocolate stash at home in all seriousness. I cannot control myself.

I discussed growing up, leaving Art School and becoming adults in the world with my friend Alice last night. It's really hard. I don't know what I'm doing. It's refreshing to hear that sometimes other people don't know what they're doing either. I mean is this what I'm meant to be doing? Sitting here on my bed  typing this with the TV on in the background to keep my company? How am I supposed to spend my time?

Angsty outfit pondering life in the bathroom
Okay this is fabric I bought. Looking at it makes me feel pretty good.
The art supply store 'Chapman and Bailey' on Johnston Street, Abbotsford is amazing. I won a voucher for there at the last Graduation show. I went the other day and got all new supplies, it was so fun. Amongst all the stuff I got were these  paint markers. They're like Poscas only better! I love them!


  1. I hear ya. Lately I'm trying to remind myself, gently, that an antidote to confusion is to do something that makes me happy. The "doing something" part is the first key, "makes me happy" is the second. Aimless drawing, feng shuiing my work space, emailing besties, getting a coffee and people watching, trimming my bangs, thrifting, baking something... I keep going until I feel more solid, then motivation and clarity usually follow.

  2. ah Mina, I also don´t know what I am doing and whether I should be doing it and what I will do. I always feel like other people in my age either totally have an idea of what they want to be (and had the idea since they were like 10) or they don´t care and by not caring can sure of ending up somewhere cool because hey no plans means exciting opportunities. There´s no logic in that for a helpless Romantic, is there. I like reading your blog because then I am one step closer in daily believing in myself and in people who don´t know what they´re doing but they´re doing it beautifully. xo

  3. Oh Minna, I hear you. I'm pretty sure everyone feels that way about growing up! I sure do at least. It's freaking confusing. I guess there must be some people who it all makes sense for, but I think the rest of us just have to work it out day by day. I think the hardest thing is that you sort of feel like there should be some pre-determined path for you, but there isn't, particularly for our generation when we have so much choice. But how do you make the right choice? How do you even know what the choices are? Anyway, I've been feeling more confused than usual by these questions lately, so I appreciate this post! x

  4. beautiful post minna! you'll figure it out! <3