Monday, April 22, 2013

See you on a dark night

Anyone have any thoughts on the changes round here? I've been looking at them too long. Wanted to go for something more *profesh* and am in the process of fixing and cleaning up my pages with my drawings and paintings and stuff. Stay tuned I guess. Tomorrow I'm going to be socializing all day. Breakfast lunch and dinner which is pretty decadent.

I feel like saying something profound but I don't actually have anything in stock right now. I've got a headache from being on the computer all day, working, I promise, and am pretty much going to put the Simpsons on and go to sleep. I've been slowly getting into Grimes lately, as usual I'm about a year behind on all somewhat current music releases so she's all new to me. It's something, like Lana Del Rey, that I've had to give a bit of a go, but I think it will pay off.


  1. I love your new blog background, it looks dreamy,
    especially the font for your name. So cool!

  2. I really need to customize my layout but i never get around to it cause its so difficult and annoying but I will do it right now!!