Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I am only cinematically attracted to you

All I wanted to do yesterday was stay in bed with my sore throat and watch my Breakfast at Tiffany's video. I couldn't, unfortunately, due to prior commitments - and eventually rolled into the shower. I'm in bed right now, with the opportunity to wallow and watch my Breakfast at Tiffany's video - but now I don't really want to anymore. Of course knowing I wasn't able to do this yesterday made it sound so much better than it actually is in real life.

In a dream the other night, someone told me that they realized that they were only cinematically attracted to me. Which, from what I gathered after waking up - meant that they were really attracted to the *idea* of me, 'my character' when it's *on screen* and not off. I found this so interesting! I'm cinematically attracted to so many things too, like watching Breakfast at Tiffany's in bed at lunch time, for example.

Working on a painting...
My new shoes from Pet Shop Girls! So so so exciting!


  1. hi minna
    you are the best
    cinematic attraction is a perfect term



  2. amazing art...and fascinating dream! I've never heard that said before but that is so relevant to my life...so many things I like the idea of but not the actual thing. I love your blog <3


  3. My dreams are never that profound, but that makes total sense. Oh and those shoes be still my heart.