Thursday, April 18, 2013

Don't you forget about me

Did you know that I don't own one single pair of close toed, non-strappy winter suitable shoes? I mean what is that. It's totally inappropriate, that's what it is. I realized today that I've outgrown the old socks and sandals thing, not cause it looks bad (I know it does and I don't care) but cause it's too damn cold, and I'm too old for this shit now ya know. Gotta get closed toed shoes. Today it was freezing and raining and I was stomping around in puddles in sandals and wet socks.

You guys do probably know that I work for da $$$ at Rookie Magazine. You may not know that I also work for the $$$ at Art Guide Australia, another magazine in the world - this time a print one, that's distributed nationally bi-monthly. I recently got a *promotion* there, and now I am going to be working 3 days a week at a real job like a real professional adult in a real office at my own desk with my own computer. It's pretty exciting. So thankfully my life will now have a bit more structure. I imagine I'll be spending 3 days working on art stuff, plus evenings or whatever, and then 3 days in the office at Art Guide. I like the idea that I am beginning some sort of career. I like the idea that I don't even have to have just one career, I can have two, or three, like I have at the moment. I consider Illustration work to be one career, my art work (paintings and exhibitions) another career, and my Art Guide role, another career. It's cool to have careers because it makes me feel like Tess in Working Girl, which I had to watch in high school English over like three consecutive classes and I don't even know why.

Above is a collage I made for an interview with Molly Ringwald on Rookie! She is an absolute doll in all the ways possible. Below is a mushroom I found in my garden! And also a new painting I'm working on for my show at Daine Singer in June ;)