Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I am only cinematically attracted to you

All I wanted to do yesterday was stay in bed with my sore throat and watch my Breakfast at Tiffany's video. I couldn't, unfortunately, due to prior commitments - and eventually rolled into the shower. I'm in bed right now, with the opportunity to wallow and watch my Breakfast at Tiffany's video - but now I don't really want to anymore. Of course knowing I wasn't able to do this yesterday made it sound so much better than it actually is in real life.

In a dream the other night, someone told me that they realized that they were only cinematically attracted to me. Which, from what I gathered after waking up - meant that they were really attracted to the *idea* of me, 'my character' when it's *on screen* and not off. I found this so interesting! I'm cinematically attracted to so many things too, like watching Breakfast at Tiffany's in bed at lunch time, for example.

Working on a painting...
My new shoes from Pet Shop Girls! So so so exciting!

Saturday, April 27, 2013


I started posting on my really old Tumblr account again. I'm not sure how this happened. I logged back in after reading this article called 'The Teen-Girl Tumblr Aesthetic' on Hyperallergic and begun again to browse the fascinating ebb and flow of the space. The brilliant co-authors of 'The Teen Girl Tumblr Aesthetic', Alicia Eler and Kate Durbin will each be writing an essay to accompany my upcoming show at Daine Singer. I am absolutely so stoked about this and just cannot even contain myself when thinking about reading what they have to say about lil' old me for the first time. Like you guys this means I am somewhat of a real artist and I can't believe it.

Anyway so I logged into my Tumblr account from 2009 which is pretty much where I'd left it to become grave yard remnants of my first year at Art School. I trawled through my archive and suddenly I wanted it all gone so utilizing the 'mass editor' feature I googled to discover, I made it all go away. However, in true hoarder fashion I couldn't let go completely without a few screen shots:

My taste isn't dramatically different or anything but I did feel like all this stuff was very far away. Here's my tumblr now http://minnagilligan.tumblr.com/ and I know there's not a whole lot going on, but it could be cool for inspiration stuff. I have to say though, Tumblr has got to be the biggest time sucker void of the internet. It is so easy to get lost in there which in a way may have been why I stopped using it all those years ago (okay, like 4 years) but I like to feel more in control of my whereabouts on the internet, not getting my attention sucked (or even tumbled!) this way and that. I guess though in the spirit of the early-twenties tumblr aesthetic I should still proceed, if it feels right - but always with caution.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sha la la la

Pamela* is going to Sydney again to perform at Artspace with Geoff Lowe and the Medicine Show! Hooray! So if you live in Sydney come to Artspace on the 8th of May (evening) for a night of debauchery and craziness. Or rather, I mean "we don't know what will happen" and it's true although the outcome uuusually falls around crazy. I'm looking forward to a couple of days away, in the meantime I am actually having heart palpitations because my next exhibition is rapidly approaching and I really need to get going on a few more paintings you guys. And I'm worried about not having consistency in all the works I'm making and that they'll look random and unrelated to each other. Cool life!

Looked after a sick Louis today and watched about two fifths of the amazing original Planet of the Apes which I really really liked. Was thinking of watching the rest tonight, but I have work tomorrow and have to get a good night's sleep if I wanna wake up early and wash my hair so it doesn't look like grease is the word. I love worrying about stuff like washing my hair. It's so easy and fun to worry about stuff like that.

*Pamela is a three piece band consisting of Jon Campbell, Georgie Glanville and myself.

Monday, April 22, 2013

See you on a dark night

Anyone have any thoughts on the changes round here? I've been looking at them too long. Wanted to go for something more *profesh* and am in the process of fixing and cleaning up my pages with my drawings and paintings and stuff. Stay tuned I guess. Tomorrow I'm going to be socializing all day. Breakfast lunch and dinner which is pretty decadent.

I feel like saying something profound but I don't actually have anything in stock right now. I've got a headache from being on the computer all day, working, I promise, and am pretty much going to put the Simpsons on and go to sleep. I've been slowly getting into Grimes lately, as usual I'm about a year behind on all somewhat current music releases so she's all new to me. It's something, like Lana Del Rey, that I've had to give a bit of a go, but I think it will pay off.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Black Lodge

Last night I actually went to a party, can you believe it? It was Louis' house mate's party and it was quite the party. The front room at Louis' place is a gallery (Knight Street Art Space) and the party planners decked out the front room as 'The Black Lodge' from Twin Peaks. Like not just a crap kind of half assed Black Lodge, this was the real deal. Okay, the floor wasn't painted with the black and white zig zags but everything else, spot on.

"I'm in the black lodge with Dale Cooper"

During the day yesterday I had work at Art Guide, and I may have been a little late in the morning because I just HAD to go to the designer seconds sale at the Grace Darling on Smith Street. It was so worth it, they had Romance was Born, Verner and other great stuff. Like when I first walked in I like increased the budget I'd mentally set for myself by three times.

I didn't end up going TOO crazy, I got like four things, my favourite a Verner marbled silk top, and the RWB printed mini you can see above. Perrrrrrrfect. Tonight I'm home with my purchases, in front of the TV, and glad. ;)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Don't you forget about me

Did you know that I don't own one single pair of close toed, non-strappy winter suitable shoes? I mean what is that. It's totally inappropriate, that's what it is. I realized today that I've outgrown the old socks and sandals thing, not cause it looks bad (I know it does and I don't care) but cause it's too damn cold, and I'm too old for this shit now ya know. Gotta get closed toed shoes. Today it was freezing and raining and I was stomping around in puddles in sandals and wet socks.

You guys do probably know that I work for da $$$ at Rookie Magazine. You may not know that I also work for the $$$ at Art Guide Australia, another magazine in the world - this time a print one, that's distributed nationally bi-monthly. I recently got a *promotion* there, and now I am going to be working 3 days a week at a real job like a real professional adult in a real office at my own desk with my own computer. It's pretty exciting. So thankfully my life will now have a bit more structure. I imagine I'll be spending 3 days working on art stuff, plus evenings or whatever, and then 3 days in the office at Art Guide. I like the idea that I am beginning some sort of career. I like the idea that I don't even have to have just one career, I can have two, or three, like I have at the moment. I consider Illustration work to be one career, my art work (paintings and exhibitions) another career, and my Art Guide role, another career. It's cool to have careers because it makes me feel like Tess in Working Girl, which I had to watch in high school English over like three consecutive classes and I don't even know why.

Above is a collage I made for an interview with Molly Ringwald on Rookie! She is an absolute doll in all the ways possible. Below is a mushroom I found in my garden! And also a new painting I'm working on for my show at Daine Singer in June ;)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

If I could turn you on...

Right now watching an ABC documentary on Martin Sharp. He's one of my favourite artists because his practice fused interestingly with music and popular culture in the '60s. I like how it accessed such a wide audience. I mean the Cream album cover, seriously. To have contributed something like that to popular culture is pretty major.

Above are scans of my new swap cards! So exciting seriously. I went on a crazy Ebay spree and bought a whole bunch for *inspiration*. Also a couple of dumb little drawings. Below are Martin Sharp artworks. 

Thoughts with those affected by the attack in Boston during the Boston marathon. Again I'm left intensely despondent with the sometimes horrific state of the world.

I have this poster on the wall next to my bed. I love it. 

April, come she will

Today I bought a new sketchbook, got one step closer to getting my drivers license, found a beauteous pair of pastel pink '60s waferer sunglasses, and chatted to a very dear friend of mine over large helpings of carbohydrates. The first thing I wrote in my new sketchbook was "brighten my northern sky" which is a heart wrenching lyric from Nick Drake's 'Northern Sky' which is exactly the kind of sentimental, sighing songs I've been listening to lately. These have accompanied my rather lost, emotionally loaded thoughts about who I am, what I'm doing with my life, etcetera. Not being at Uni anymore is a reality that's just recently reared its head to me, and I'm struggling slightly with the floaty nature of everything now being up to me. No schedules or routines has got me a little scared. I'm in charge.

I thought I'd buy a sketchbook to document my first year out in the world as an artist. I really want to take more photographs this year, proper film ones rather than Instagram frivolities - and write more. What's funny is this year isn't exactly just beginning or anything, either. It's April already, soon May, and as usual time begins to slip between my fingers the more I attempt to clasp at it. I'm trying to hold on to those magical moments where an exchange does brighten my northern sky, where a slight moment of utter perfection leaves me lying on my side, a tear creeping from each eye that I don't try to wipe away. I watched a documentary on time the other night. Apparently everything that is to happen has already happened, or something - my understanding was a little lacking - but really I think with most of the happenings of the universe well out of my control, I've got little to worry about. My paintings already know their destiny, then, they know what they are to look like? This is a compelling thought that has led me right off the subject of pontificating about me and my life, luckily.

1. These Days - Nico
2. If Not For You - George Harrison
3. Northern Sky - Nick Drake
4. Thirteen - Ben Kweller
5. Into My Arms - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
6. I'll be here in the Morning - Townes Van Zandt
7. Tell Her to Come Back Home - John Fahey
8. Turn Turn Turn - The Byrds

Friday, April 12, 2013

Brighten my northern sky

Enter Romance was Born Spring/Summer 2014

The best place to view the garments up close without seeing them in real life is right here, and you can watch the Youtube clip of the show here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Fe_zVHybSg

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

These days

So many feelings.

Collage for Rookie accompanying Naomi's piece 'A Mind of my Own'

My life at the moment is a hybrid of the movies I'm watching, and reality. My friends are both figments and solid beings. It takes a touch or embrace, like an alarm, to lurch me out of my fantasies - but even then my mind is a little taken with the wind. My day to day activities have soundtracks. Things can happen in slow motion. Autumn sun flickers gold through gum trees as the train plows past and then back again. Nick Drake plays as winter descends, I feel different and it's neither good nor bad. My very first boyfriend gave me a bracelet with two hearts on it, and a Mars Bar.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The tree makes it nice

One day, while taking a look at some vistas in Dad's stereopticon, it hit me that I was just this little girl, born in Texas, whose father was a sign painter and who had only just so many years to live. It sent a chill down my spine, and I thought - Where would I be this very moment if Kit had never met me? Or killed anybody? This very moment? If my Mom had never met my Dad? If she'd of never died? And what's the man I'll marry gonna look like? What's he doing right this minute? Is he thinking about me now, by some coincidence, even though he doesn't know me? Does it show on his face? For days afterwards, I lived in dread. Sometimes, I wished I could fall asleep and be taken off to some magical land, but this never happened.

1. Love Me - Elvis Presley
2. Wimoweh - Pete Seeger
3. Love is Strange - Mickey and Sylvia
4. Everyday - Buddy Holly and the Crickets
5. Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen - Neil Sedaka
6. In the Still of the Night - The Five Satins
7. Teen Angel - Mark Dinning
8. It's Now or Never - Elvis Presley

Mmm just been hangin' out lately. Watched Badlands, cannot stop obsessing over Sissy. I want to be really articulate right now but it's proving difficult - I just think she's real pretty and a great actress and amazing. The dialogue in Badlands is just so dry, and very funny but bleak at the same time. I absolutely love it.

Last night there was an opening at Knight Street which is the gallery that Louis runs. It was fun, and I felt like a part of a "community", which is what I've needed a bit lately. We had delicious African for dinner and I tried to keep my eyes open not because I was bored just because I was very tired. It was a nice feeling to know that I could relax, and not be on my game with filling silences or being funny and outgoing because these people would like me anyway even if I was being real boring you know. Getting to a point like that with an albeit small group of people sounds terribly unromantic but it's actually really nice, it's like family interactions and unconditional love and stuff which is immensely comforting.