Friday, March 8, 2013

Your Magic Is Real

You know when you have such a good day that you feel like you're flying and you can't wait to get home and tell people about it and then you feel like just telling people about it in words doesn't do it justice so you have all this pent up energy from feeling great about this thing you can't really describe accurately or something? Anyway that happened today which was great but also mildly frustrating but pretty much just great.

I was invited to a seminar conference thing today on publishing for *work* but it wasn't really like work at all it was so fun. Dylan, my *colleague* and the editor of Art Guide was to be speaking in a panel thing, hosted by The Thousands, so I went along! Other cool people who spoke were Brodie Lancaster (Filmme Fatales), Helen Hughes (Discipline), Lucy Feagins (The Design Files) and Royce Akers (Vice). I left being like "Hey I should totally just be a writer now stuff art" (Not really, but a little bit) and I got to meet Brodie and Lucy and lovely Lisa (Lucy's editorial assistant) (I wish I could have an assistant especially one like Lisa) and well I already met Helen and Dylan but also other people and names names names I am bad with them. I survived the day with only one faux pas which was mistaking one person for someone else and then saying something dumb. But I think I only said that one really dumb thing. So all in all, pretty successful. Thumbs up!

I actually forgot to mention what actually was one of the main parts of making today great and that was Sophie Black, another speaker at the seminar - had a slide in her presentation that was a screen cap of Rookie! She spoke for five minutes (OR MORE!) about how good she thought it was and my heart swelled with pride so much sitting there smugly in the audience that it almost burst except don't worry because it didn't actually. I saw my friends this afternoon briefly too, and it was nice. Then I ran off home to do work because I hadn't done any all day.

Hooray for Filmme Fatales! I got a copy today and was going to take a super arty instagram photo of my copy like sitting on my desk or whatever but I am too lazy so above is the amazing cover. BUY IT. the whole thing, not just the cover.

And this is, oh wow, another dumb pic of me! This time taken by a lovely new buddy I met today named Kate. Together we stopped each other from getting lost and had various other adventures! Turns out, super weird coincidence, but I am doing a commission for her sister! Crazy! Anyway this post sucks because it doesn't have any good images but I wanted to write about today because you know I'm all a writer now and stuff but not really oh my god I need to go to bed.

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