Saturday, March 9, 2013

Your love is like a heat wave

Today I was interviewed and photographed for Sunday Style Magazine! (the Sunday lift-out in the Herald Sun Newspaper) It was fun obviously because I love dressing up and talking occasionally. I am channeling like '60s James Bond ladies and Nancy Sinatra who is my soul sister at the moment and the blonde lady that featured in my West Space work above who I am obsessed with. I would LOVE to somehow find out who she is and see if she is still alive and if I could meet her or talk to her. She was cut out from an early 70s book on Photography, specifically from the *glamour* section. I love her loaded stare, it's so intense. I feel some sort of weird connection with her. If she is your grandmother or something please put me in touch!

I'm not sure which week my story is going to run in the paper, but will let you guys know!

Thought I would post some images from my show at West Space, as it is coming to an end in its last week. On Thursday night the 14th at 5.30pm is the artist talk which I guess, as an artist, I will be talking at. I had this really embarrassing thing where I thought it was last Thursday, and I was freaking out very publicly but I actually had the date wrong. I have serious problems. I have it right this time though, and I wasn't going to tell anyone to come but I guess you can if you want to.

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