Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Yer killin' me

Georgie, Cheralyn and I had a day in our new studio today! It was real hawt but no amount of sweat or heat exhaustion can take away that great feeling I get when I slide that key in the door, the door to a place that is mine (well, I'm renting and sharing with two other people) but it's still (partly) mine, all mine! I have to actually get a desk now, that's the next task because it would be great if I could actually WORK in the space you know rather than just sitting there talking and eating which don't get me wrong is still great but not super great in getting me on the way to being a productive artist and STUFF.

I also popped into West Space so I could check out the progress on the collective collage wall! It was so exciting actually, I hadn't been in for a while so didn't know what to expect. Below, after the gratuitous picture of myself looking earnest is a load of collages that visitors to my show 'Holiday Inn' left. Thank you kind strangers for taking part! There's still time, too, it's on until the 16th of March :) Some person even lined up all my textas for me which was very considerate, thanks dude.

A dumb pic of me with Elvis and Woody this morning

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