Saturday, March 2, 2013

Some people, they like to go out dancing. And other peoples, they have to work, (Just watch me now!)

Okay so I know I was vaguely whining about social obligations here just before, and I take it all back cos it don't sound cool and also it's a total privilege to have friends so good that they'll come to two of your openings in like a week. Last night at the South Warf Promenade Window closing party, I actually had the best time ever!

A small kind of random bunch of my friends came, and it just ended up being the perfect combo because we're all pretty capable on the dance floor and are funny and like to drink (lots of/too many) free beers and then raid the bar after it's closed for abandoned red wine. SUCH good vibes all night. When we decided our jelly legs could dance no more we walked along the promenade next to the water, back into the city, with our arms around each others shoulders all in a line, I mean it was like Sex and the City except not at all. So much lurve.

Today was a beautiful day, and this morning I had this one moment when I was looking out of the train window at sun drenched little kids playing tennis I felt overwhelmingly happy and satisfied. I don't know where those endorphins came from but it felt amazing. I feel good things coming, I am so pleased about my new studio, and to be spending time with more of my amazing friends there. As well as, ahem, making new work of course.

No pix of last night obviously because we all know I am an inadequate blogger. I've scrounged some stuff for your eyes AND your ears though so ENJOY. Below are two of my works that I can now show you that are HUGE fabric prints in the SWP Window show : )

This is legit. I found it on the way to Footscray Station. PERFECT. It was actually growing through the fence.
This babe is in a 70s book on Photography I bought today

Part of my collab w/Petra Collins :)


  1. UGH perfect AS USUAL <3
    I absolutely love the rose picture!


    1. Thanks Gwen! I couldn't believe those roses either, just loved them :)

  2. Saw your work at a gallery opening in Melb city the other week, can't remember which gallery it was but you had a room of your own with a table in the middle for colouring-in activities. And when I walked in the room I thought to myself "this stuff looks awfully familiar", and then realised it was you! Your work made me smile. Wish I got to meet you but you were busy talking to ppl but oh what a wonderful surprise it was to see your lovely collages in the flesh indeed. x sunbeam

    1. Oh cool man!! That would have been my show at West Space. Wish I could have met you too!! Thanks for coming and reading my blog etc :) XXXX Minna x