Saturday, March 30, 2013

Go your own way

Werkin' on a commission. Fun palm and pool vibes.
AMAZING '70s book I got. I actually am READING this one rather than cutting it up! 
Pic from a '70s craft book.
A set of drawers covered in stickers at Savers. Amazing.
A page from a crazy 60s book.
New fabric that I bought for painting on.
New shoes! 90s does 70s blue glitter platforms. Oh yeah.
Miniature Sweet Hearts (or giant hand)
The last raspberry of this Indian summer
Watched this. Amazing. Died.
Vegemite toast for dinner and chocolate egg for lunch. I spent today painting and thinking, I can't wait because tonight the original Shrek is on at 7.30 and it's going to be so fun to relax in bed and watch it. I haven't posted here much lately! And so many times I went to do it but I fell asleep. I've been pretty busy as usual and I hate it how when I am busy this falls behind when really it is like one of the most important things in my practice! The origin of everything (sort of).

Above are a whole HEAP of Instagram photos from the last week or so, explained in their little captions. My favourite find this week was the Life After Death book, and the crazy psychedelic fabric! Amazing. I'm working very hard on new paintings because... I have another solo show coming up in June. It is at Daine Singer in Flinders Lane. I am SO excited and nervous and excited! The title of the show is 'Feel Flows'. I will be talking much more about it, never fear... so I'll leave it there. Here is a link to the Daine Singer website


  1. Your blog is so beaut! It's like a 1960s delight! Love love love it! May be a bit obsessed now! Can't wait to read all past posts now! thank goodness for archives! X

  2. HOT DAMN those shoes are sexy!