Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Endless Summer

Hmm, too lazy for real writing tonight. I've been making a bit of work which is good. Still way too hot to work in my studio, so I'm still doing the bedroom/studio thing. It's bad though because I get distracted by stuff like Judge Judy and Dr.Phil on the TV. I went to Spotlight this afternoon, they had 30% off! I bought some junky craft stuff that I will probably never use and some faux retro fabric which actually isn't so bad. I've been sneakily avoiding preparing my talk for West Space on Thursday night. What I know now is that I'm going to speak about hotels and the barely perceptible presence of hundreds of other people that you can feel when you stay in one. I love that the cleaners come and arrange everything as if it's never been used, but you can still just feel those ghosts. I love how hotels can be real time warps for this reason, some can remain stuck in particular periods infinitely and you can step in one of those dodgy twin share rooms at some hotel in Horsham or something and feel like you've legitimately stepped back in time. Need to make these things make sense in real life when I actually say them. Need to sound smart while talking about something this weird. This is the first time I will have talked about my art in public not inside the institution of University. I wanna make it good!


  1. wow the hotel idea is cool. i love it when people think like that, i do too sometimes. the shoes and collage are pretty amazing btw and the libra star sign thing is pretty accurate. what's your star sign?

  2. Yes! Stayed at a creepy hotel in San Francisco which was so old and had this trippy green carpet and drab wallpaper and rickety old stairs you had to haul your luggage up because the lift was too old and shot to use. We'd hear this clank clank sound in the old gas pipes and the whooshing of water pipes in the wall..... seriously thought the place was haunted. Later found out there actually was a haunted hotel just down the road!

  3. Beautiful artistic Blog.San Fransisco is a old hotel but it's creepy stay there.