Sunday, March 31, 2013

Life's A Gas

1. I Met Him On A Sunday - Laura Nyro
2. Jennifer Juniper - Donovan
3. Life's A Gas - T.Rex
4. We Are Going To Be Friends - The White Stripes
5. Till The Morning Comes - Neil Young
6. She's My Best Friend - The Velvet Underground
7. I Want Her She Wants Me - The Zombies
8. Queen Bitch - David Bowie

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Go your own way

Werkin' on a commission. Fun palm and pool vibes.
AMAZING '70s book I got. I actually am READING this one rather than cutting it up! 
Pic from a '70s craft book.
A set of drawers covered in stickers at Savers. Amazing.
A page from a crazy 60s book.
New fabric that I bought for painting on.
New shoes! 90s does 70s blue glitter platforms. Oh yeah.
Miniature Sweet Hearts (or giant hand)
The last raspberry of this Indian summer
Watched this. Amazing. Died.
Vegemite toast for dinner and chocolate egg for lunch. I spent today painting and thinking, I can't wait because tonight the original Shrek is on at 7.30 and it's going to be so fun to relax in bed and watch it. I haven't posted here much lately! And so many times I went to do it but I fell asleep. I've been pretty busy as usual and I hate it how when I am busy this falls behind when really it is like one of the most important things in my practice! The origin of everything (sort of).

Above are a whole HEAP of Instagram photos from the last week or so, explained in their little captions. My favourite find this week was the Life After Death book, and the crazy psychedelic fabric! Amazing. I'm working very hard on new paintings because... I have another solo show coming up in June. It is at Daine Singer in Flinders Lane. I am SO excited and nervous and excited! The title of the show is 'Feel Flows'. I will be talking much more about it, never fear... so I'll leave it there. Here is a link to the Daine Singer website

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Super Nasty

I made some drawing/collages for Issue no.2 of Nasty Gal's magazine 'Super Nasty'. I had heaps of fun making these over the Christmas holiday and am excited that the magazine is finally out today! It's in print and online - the online version can be viewed here at: Without being biased at ALL, I think the whole magazine looks AMAZING and there are some fantastic shoots inside. Laia Garcia from Rookie also contributed with her beautiful words for 'Right Now' a photoshoot. Anyway you should check it out!

I'm planning on writing a proper post later today... this is just like a HEY I'm still alive kind of one.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bad dreams and bad dream days

A '70s Peter Allen-esque top from Savers

Working on illustrations for April at Rookie
A cute pic from de-install at West Space
Yesterday was a bad dream bad day. Actually, a worst nightmare bad day. It started when I got stung by a wasp and my foot swelled up to twice its size. Then because I was running around dying from my wasp bite I forgot that I left the door open and my dog ran away to have an adventure. After a whole afternoon of fretting he eventually came trotting back up the driveway and I had about an hour of relief before I got the worst call of my life which went something like "Where are you?" because this big cooperate event that I was doing a public art project at was starting in an hour, and I was at home watching the Simpsons, waiting for Louis to come over practically in my pajamas in ignorant bliss of my absence, convinced this big cooperate event was the night after.

I threw on a dirty dress, plaited my dirty hair and chucked makeup in my bag. Called Louis in tears. Called Mum in tears, she said she'd drive me there. Mums are great when you're a blubbering mess and cannot comprehend HOW you made such a major mistake. Makeup was put on in car, tears disguised badly with concealer and mascara and I was in and out of my studio in 5 seconds, grabbing the stuff I needed trying to explain myself to a slightly stunned Georgie without crying again. I was 15 minutes late and arrived looking relatively together aside from still hobbling because of my wasp bite. I mean what a feat.

I actually had a fantastic night aside from the huge disappointment in myself and embarrassment that I made such a stupid mistake. People say stuff like that happens to everyone but it's never happened to me and I thought I was immune to such mistakes, except in my dreams - because I have always known myself to be organized and reliable and generally in control. Lately though I've stuffed up a few things and it's either that I'm losing my mind or that I'm just struggling to get used to my new life post art school, and, maybe lately I've had a lot on. I have. I have to say though, last night I pulled my shit together as soon as I got there, and did a damn good job. I had fun. Someone bought me pie. Lots of people participated, making collages and drawings with me at the table to eventually put up on the glass panels you see pictures of below. It was a really positive and valuable experience that I'm really glad I was a part of, when I eventually got there.

The event finished at about 10 and I caught a taxi back to Louis' place where I collapsed, was comforted and cooked a lovely dinner. I couldn't have imagined a better way to end a worst nightmare day. We watched 'The Cars that Ate Paris' although towards the end I said I was going to close my eyes just for a minute and it ended up being lots of minutes so I missed the rest, but I got the gist in the morning from Louis over a delicious breakfast at Common Galaxia in Footscray. I then went into the city and bought a diary. I am never ever going to let myself be on the receiving end of one of those "where are you?" phone calls that makes you want to sink into the floor and stay there. Andy Warhol said that "good business is the best art" and I've always agreed with him on lots of levels. If being an artist in the world means I have to use the reminders function in my phone and double/triple check dates and times, juggle meetings and invoices and emails (OH THE CONSTANT EMAILS) then so be it and, if I have to do those things to be an artist, I'll be damn good at it.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Holiday Inn @ West Space, March 2013

Cotton Fields, 2013. Acrylic, ink and collage on found bed sheet.
Installation shot: Holiday Inn, West Space, Minna Gilligan
(Right:) Different Drum, 2013. Digital print of collage on fabric.
Some Velvet Morning, 2013. Acrylic, ink and collage on found bed sheet.
Installation shot: Holiday Inn, West Space, Minna Gilligan 
Installation shot: Holiday Inn, West Space, Minna Gilligan 'The Collective Collage Wall' 
(Left:) Some Velvet Morning, (Right:) I carry your heart (It's heavy), 2013. Digital print of collage on paper.
Yesterday I de-installed my show at West Space, which obviously means that it's over! The phrase "easy come, easy go" kept going round in my head, but in a good way that meant stuff happens so fast you know, and it seems like just yesterday I was putting the damn thing up and before I knew it I was patching holes in walls. So yeah, easy come, easy go, meant in the best possible way.

West Space was my first solo show at a gallery. I am really proud that it was at West Space because it is a fantastic institution that's been running for ages and is generally respected by my peers and stuff. The directors are amazing and know what's goin' on and it was all round a great and positive first solo show experience!

A big big thank you to everyone who came along to either the opening, my artist talk, or just to look at my show in general. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the 'collective collage wall'! I found it to be a really interesting experiment. It fills my heart with a big joy when some of YOU GUYS, readers of this here blog, take time to come along and introduce yourself to me and stuff. I am always overwhelmed to meet you because I often forget I'm even talking to anyone on here. It's really refreshing. SO THANKS! and, incase I didn't say it enough in real life, "nice to meet you!".

Above are my photographs from the show. This was at the end when the collage wall was nice and full :) One more unrelated thing - I made one of them there Pin sites. That's right, Pinterest. For a long time I was pronouncing it Pin-interest until I actually read it and realized I must have sounded real dumb. So anyway I have like 3 followers on there because I am deathly unpopular so any other connections will be much appreciated. Here is the URL thingo: SO yep. Reach out and I'll be there.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Fire Walk With Me

The above small happy blurry picture was taken by the lovely artist Tai Snaith who came to my artist talk last night! (As did a few other people) It was fun except I was nervous a bit, sometimes you can take that nervousness and make it funny and awkward and a part of your talk, which is cheating in a way but makes it easier and more lighthearted. So yep uh huh, I did my artist talk! And some good buddies came to watch and that made me feel happy, plus, I got to meet some new people who came to hear me, god knows why, but it was lovely.

I am so dumb and I wrote my whole talk out on the train and my handwriting is so messy that literally I couldn't read parts of it when I was speaking which made for a very jumpy presentation, but I got through it with minimal sweating and only a few abrupt sentence endings. Erm other than that I've been pretty busy, I had work at Art Guide today, then some time eating snacks in my studio, then went to the ACCA opening which is always mind numbing to say the least but Louis and Georgie were working so I could stand next to them and pretend to be discussing important matters.

Last night, Louis and I watched the LAST EPISODE OF TWIN PEAKS FOR THE FIRST TIME. Well, Louis had seen it before but I hadn't. We started watching Twin Peaks together like a year ago and finally finally, we made it to the last episode. *Spoiler alert* I just have been left so high and dry with that ending. What with me being Miss Optimistic I just assumed good would prevail and Bob would forever be destroyed and Cooper and Annie would live happily ever after on the love boat and I just cannot believe that after the relationship I as a viewer formed with these characters, that they (Lynchy) can just kind of destroy that so callously. Louis says it was like a huge "Fuck you" on David Lynch's behalf because they only got him back to write the last few episodes or something. Tavi and I spoke about my experience with this infamous last episode and she thinks the ending was fascinating because it bought up implications about good and evil in relation to sacrifice and also questions if the black lodge is supernatural or psychological. There are lots of things that I'm gonna need a lot of time to be able to appreciate about this show, seriously. I really enjoyed it though. It's like getting broken up with, I just need to let that shock/anger mellow out and then I can really appreciate it for what it was. A huge part of me just feels this need to turn around and start watching it again or something. I'm at a loss.

Louis and I are going to see Rodriguez on Friday night! :D

A crazy page of my notes for my artist talk :)