Friday, February 15, 2013


V day was really lovely, but totally exhausting. I worked at the shop with my Mum all day, and then I went out for *a magical Valentine's Day eve* with Louis. Of course, as you all know that the entire public transport system is out to get me, and I was a hour late for this magical evening. When I finally arrived though, we had a great night together, sitting in the window seat looking out to Bourke street. We analysed the other couples sitting outside and their conversations and relationships like a Woody Allen movie.

During the day I sold flowers to men. All different types of men - those who ride motorbikes, tradesmen, grumpy men, sweet men, those who refer to you as their "mate", those that look like Santa. One of the one's that looked like Santa asked me to deliver the bunch of flowers he bought just across the road, to his partner working at the IGA supermarket. When I say supermarket it's more like a corner store thing, and there's only one or two women working there at any one time. So I ran across to the deserted supermarket and found the two employees in one of the narrow isles. They looked at me holding the bouquet with some sort of blank confusion, and as I said that these were a delivery for "Deb" the women closest to me was kind of just like "What? no, they couldn't possibly be for me" and as I insisted a good three times, she finally took them, tears of happiness and disbelief in her eyes (not exaggerating!) and stated that she "Just can't believe it" and that she was "gonna kill 'im!". It was SUCH a good moment. The other employee excitedly ran off to get her phone to take a photo and I returned back to work perhaps with a little tear in my eye. Oh, sigh.


  1. You should check these out I saw them and instantly thought of you!
    Marble Vibes and that marble dress you got
    These would just look awesome on you

    1. Hey Celia!! Omg that marbled wall is AMAZING! Imagine!! Thanks so much. I love it. Also, so funny - I have totally wanted those flower power platforms for SO LONG but cannot afford at the mo! I absolutely love them though. Hope you are well lovely thank you for your comment :)XXXXX