Sunday, February 17, 2013

The F word

A new collage I made this afternoon that will be in the West Space show :)
* * *

I just finished wrapping up my paintings in old scraps of bubble wrap I scrounged from my floor, ready for their journey to West Space tomorrow. I begin install in the morning, and I'm really looking forward to it. I prefer to install alone which is what I will be doing for this show, except for my Dad driving my paintings into the city in his truck - that, I am really grateful for, phew! Last year in Honours at Uni, I never planned my hangs for group tutes or anything, and I think for me that's the way to go. Arrive in a space with a good amount of work, then arrange and subtract until you reach a kind of symmetry or feng shui in your mind and eye.

Last night I stayed out real late and actually went to a party, which I haven't done for an embarrassingly long time. It was Ella Hooper's birthday, and my friend Bree and I went along. The theme was 'Crappy Craft' so I made the below floral circlets from old flowers from Valentine's Day. Surprisingly although they were shoddily made, they were a huge hit with other party goers and we got lots of compliments, hooray!

The flower circlets at their prime
This is after I got home and before I crashed into bed *blurry*

Beautiful Briallen w/giant pipe cleaner we *borrowed* from Ella that here looks like a cat's tail
Some stuff for *install*, I am bringing a mini suitcase in with me... uh

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