Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fish and Chips or Pizza?

YEAH! Last night I think Pamela did the best performance we have ever done! We had microphones, and speakers, it was so crazy and professional! Pretty much my whole family came and lots of lovely friends and just generally our *fans* and it was just such a feel good night. White Night in Melbourne was totally insane, once we left the gallery there were so, so many people out in the city, and I was reminded of this time when my friend in high school and I thought it would be a great idea to go into the city for New Years Eve and I ended up being totally traumatized cause it was so busy. So then I went home. After such a crazy, social week I pretty much don't want to see anyone except my duck for 3 months but don't think that will fly and I guess that's okay because I would probably get sick of it after a few days anyway.

Right now there's a cool documentary on romance novels on SBS which I am enjoying. I think it's a documentary anyway, maybe it's a mockumentary and they've got me fooled. At the start of the show they said that one Mills and Boon romance novel is sold every 4 seconds. I remember one time at Savers where they have like pretty much a whole bookshelf of them and there was this woman grabbing them off the shelf like she'd found a gold nugget at Sovereign Hill. One other time I had a friend who was living at a family friend's house and she had a party while they were away and we went up to this woman's bedroom and found Mills and Boon under her bed and read them to each other. They're pretty fascinating I reckon.

Here are some pictures from last night that I was busting to share!

My tambourine! Freshly refurbished! 
I haven't escaped my social escapades yet. I have the closing party of South Warf Promenade Window project on Friday night! Can I do it? I must! Here is evidence that I am not just a static figure in this video. P.S I was encouraged to name drop Rookie and Urban Outfitters. And at times I sound silly. But it was fun :)


  1. Haha i love your accent in the video ;)
    And i'm glad to hear your concert went well!