Friday, February 8, 2013

Cotton Fields

Today was such a good day. The sun was shining and I thought I got sunburnt but I totally didn't and my hair looked relatively good. I ran into Ella Hooper after work and she is the brightest best person ever. My interview went up on the Kinki Gerlinki blog ( ) and I got some *administration* stuff sorted (I don't even know what that means myself don't worry)

Above, two more photos from my shoot with Caitlin at Kinki Gerlinki! So much fun and good vibes!
In other news I had such a smile inducing/freak out moment when I got a Facebook message from a friend overseas telling of a crazy coincidence. He mentioned my work in a passing conversation and got a response from someone who knew it - just a random person, half way across the world. This made me feel so overwhelmed by the power of the internet, and at how microscopic the world is sometimes - I mean it is both the smallest and also the largest thing we can fathom.

Weird cosmic encounters indeed. A line from the Beach Boys 'Cotton Fields' keeps goin' round in my head - 

"When I was a little bitty baby my Mama done rock me in the cradle/in them ol' cotton fields back home"

I have a weird association with this song and that is I think of crop circles. Other than that, truth be told I can't really draw any significance out of it other than it's catchy and I like it, which is okay. Tomorrow my series on second wave feminism called 'I Am Woman' will be up on Rookie. I am SO EXCITED to show everyone! Till then,


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