Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I thank the lord there are people out there like you

Greetings, earthlings.

Above are some recent Rookie drawings/collages. The first one is for an interview with Morrissey conducted by Amy Rose which was REALLY exciting!

Get excited, because tomorrow my collaboration with Petra Collins is going up on Rookie! Here is a sneaky pete of a little part of it

I'm really stressed. Tomorrow I'm signing the lease to my new studio. This is one of the most adult things I've ever done. I also have 7 million things I am supposed to be doing but I just wanna have weird Wes Anderson like moments sitting on a train station bench staring out to the distance with an arm around my shoulder.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fish and Chips or Pizza?

YEAH! Last night I think Pamela did the best performance we have ever done! We had microphones, and speakers, it was so crazy and professional! Pretty much my whole family came and lots of lovely friends and just generally our *fans* and it was just such a feel good night. White Night in Melbourne was totally insane, once we left the gallery there were so, so many people out in the city, and I was reminded of this time when my friend in high school and I thought it would be a great idea to go into the city for New Years Eve and I ended up being totally traumatized cause it was so busy. So then I went home. After such a crazy, social week I pretty much don't want to see anyone except my duck for 3 months but don't think that will fly and I guess that's okay because I would probably get sick of it after a few days anyway.

Right now there's a cool documentary on romance novels on SBS which I am enjoying. I think it's a documentary anyway, maybe it's a mockumentary and they've got me fooled. At the start of the show they said that one Mills and Boon romance novel is sold every 4 seconds. I remember one time at Savers where they have like pretty much a whole bookshelf of them and there was this woman grabbing them off the shelf like she'd found a gold nugget at Sovereign Hill. One other time I had a friend who was living at a family friend's house and she had a party while they were away and we went up to this woman's bedroom and found Mills and Boon under her bed and read them to each other. They're pretty fascinating I reckon.

Here are some pictures from last night that I was busting to share!

My tambourine! Freshly refurbished! 
I haven't escaped my social escapades yet. I have the closing party of South Warf Promenade Window project on Friday night! Can I do it? I must! Here is evidence that I am not just a static figure in this video. P.S I was encouraged to name drop Rookie and Urban Outfitters. And at times I sound silly. But it was fun :)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pamela @ White Night / Reflections

Yesterday I was in total zombie mode after Thursday night. I had to vaguely have my wits about me though, as I was working to a grant deadline and had a bunch of other stuff to do that requires a moderate amount of brain power. I watched a bit of TV - Dr.Phil, and this show called 'My Crazy Obsession' that detailed a couple's obsession with Cabbage Patch Dolls. It was so wild, they had over 5000 cabbage patch dolls, and this particular one they named Kevin was treated like their child and they spoke in like a voice for it and stuff. So good.

My opening on Thursday night went well, and I was so overwhelmed at the amount of people who popped in! As always, it's such a warm feeling to know that people are interested in your and your practice enough to leave the house and TV shows like 'My Crazy Obsession' to come to your opening. SO a big genuine thanks to everyone who came along. The show runs until the 16th of March and I will be working in the space occasionally so we could chew the fat, and make collages together.

Still feeling like I need another day close to home to process the happenings of the past week, but I better snap out of that quick smart because tonight is WHITE NIGHT in Melbourne, and Pamela - the band that consists of Georgie, Jon Campbell and I, will be performing at the National Gallery of Victoria, Federation Square! I am actually pretty excited because I'm going to wear my special marbled dress (again) and... do do do, MY WORK is going to be projected above us as we play! It's going to be super 60s and fun. We play a mix of Jon Campbell originals and 60s pop songs, we are playing at 7pm in the foyer of NGV Fed Square (The Ian Potter Centre) - outside the gift shop (They're putting up a stage and stuff). Darren Sylvester is going to be performing after us! SO EXCITING! It's totally free and you should definitely pop in as a part of your White Night festivities. Here we are on the Thousands so you know I'm not lying

Above are some of the projections I put together. It was fun because I went through a whole bunch of really old work. Below are some pictures from my show and opening. No-where near good representations of it, just phone pictures. More will come soon. I just love the last one, there's a bunch of people contributing to the collage and the collage wall :D Feel good!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The F word

A new collage I made this afternoon that will be in the West Space show :)
* * *

I just finished wrapping up my paintings in old scraps of bubble wrap I scrounged from my floor, ready for their journey to West Space tomorrow. I begin install in the morning, and I'm really looking forward to it. I prefer to install alone which is what I will be doing for this show, except for my Dad driving my paintings into the city in his truck - that, I am really grateful for, phew! Last year in Honours at Uni, I never planned my hangs for group tutes or anything, and I think for me that's the way to go. Arrive in a space with a good amount of work, then arrange and subtract until you reach a kind of symmetry or feng shui in your mind and eye.

Last night I stayed out real late and actually went to a party, which I haven't done for an embarrassingly long time. It was Ella Hooper's birthday, and my friend Bree and I went along. The theme was 'Crappy Craft' so I made the below floral circlets from old flowers from Valentine's Day. Surprisingly although they were shoddily made, they were a huge hit with other party goers and we got lots of compliments, hooray!

The flower circlets at their prime
This is after I got home and before I crashed into bed *blurry*

Beautiful Briallen w/giant pipe cleaner we *borrowed* from Ella that here looks like a cat's tail
Some stuff for *install*, I am bringing a mini suitcase in with me... uh

Friday, February 15, 2013


V day was really lovely, but totally exhausting. I worked at the shop with my Mum all day, and then I went out for *a magical Valentine's Day eve* with Louis. Of course, as you all know that the entire public transport system is out to get me, and I was a hour late for this magical evening. When I finally arrived though, we had a great night together, sitting in the window seat looking out to Bourke street. We analysed the other couples sitting outside and their conversations and relationships like a Woody Allen movie.

During the day I sold flowers to men. All different types of men - those who ride motorbikes, tradesmen, grumpy men, sweet men, those who refer to you as their "mate", those that look like Santa. One of the one's that looked like Santa asked me to deliver the bunch of flowers he bought just across the road, to his partner working at the IGA supermarket. When I say supermarket it's more like a corner store thing, and there's only one or two women working there at any one time. So I ran across to the deserted supermarket and found the two employees in one of the narrow isles. They looked at me holding the bouquet with some sort of blank confusion, and as I said that these were a delivery for "Deb" the women closest to me was kind of just like "What? no, they couldn't possibly be for me" and as I insisted a good three times, she finally took them, tears of happiness and disbelief in her eyes (not exaggerating!) and stated that she "Just can't believe it" and that she was "gonna kill 'im!". It was SUCH a good moment. The other employee excitedly ran off to get her phone to take a photo and I returned back to work perhaps with a little tear in my eye. Oh, sigh.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Suit & Tie

Hey everybady! Preparation is full steam ahead for my upcoming show! Here is the Facebook event. Please validate me! Tell me you're a-coming!

The other day I watched a documentary on Norman Mailer, or rather, I fell asleep watching a Norman Mailer documentary. The last thing I remember registering was someone talking, stipulating the reason behind violence in youth. He referred to a 'plastic society', which I thought was really interesting, demonstrating exuding force with his hands on a plastic tupperware container. This force went unresolved and resulted in frustration. He claimed that people living in a 'plastic society' can't actually really feel anything, and this emptiness can result in reckless, aimless violence. I found that fascinating. Lately lots of my clothing choices have been based on fabric; silks, cottons, leather and wools. I can't wear synthetic fabrics any more. Does this make me a snob or just someone not interested in feeling that plastic right up against my skin?

Something else I actually am feelin' is Justin Timberlake's new song. 

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, which if you know me at all will know it is a day I acknowledge and like, because it encourages love and all that good stuff. The argument that it's too 'American' is very tiresome as we're living in a totally global world at the moment anyway *the internet* and plus get over it America is cool. Tomorrow I will be working at Mum's florist helping tradesmen pick out nice things for their lovas. Below are some photos of stuff I've been up to in the past few days. The Verner marble print dress is like a huge deal. I've wanted it since the 15th of December (You may recall... and finally the beauty is mine! I have this thing where I save clothes for the occasion I specifically bought the item for, but I don't know if I can possibly resist this time! Will definitely be wearing on Thursday the 21st that's fo sho!

An illustration I did for French magazine Paulette! :)
I bought a very special dress for the West Space opening. I pretty much want to be buried in it.

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Saturday, February 9, 2013


As promised here are some of the works for my series on Rookie! View the whole thing here: Spread your lovin' arms across the land!

P.S So you can totally 'save the date', my show at Westspace opens on the 21st of February, 6pm - 8pm :) Also, the opening night for the South Warf Promenade project is on the 1st of March, and PAMELA will be singing at the NGV on the 23rd of Feb at 7.30pm. OMG SO MANY THINGS, TOO EXCITED, PLZ COME. (Excuse the heavy theme of self promotion atm) :/

Friday, February 8, 2013

Cotton Fields

Today was such a good day. The sun was shining and I thought I got sunburnt but I totally didn't and my hair looked relatively good. I ran into Ella Hooper after work and she is the brightest best person ever. My interview went up on the Kinki Gerlinki blog ( ) and I got some *administration* stuff sorted (I don't even know what that means myself don't worry)

Above, two more photos from my shoot with Caitlin at Kinki Gerlinki! So much fun and good vibes!
In other news I had such a smile inducing/freak out moment when I got a Facebook message from a friend overseas telling of a crazy coincidence. He mentioned my work in a passing conversation and got a response from someone who knew it - just a random person, half way across the world. This made me feel so overwhelmed by the power of the internet, and at how microscopic the world is sometimes - I mean it is both the smallest and also the largest thing we can fathom.

Weird cosmic encounters indeed. A line from the Beach Boys 'Cotton Fields' keeps goin' round in my head - 

"When I was a little bitty baby my Mama done rock me in the cradle/in them ol' cotton fields back home"

I have a weird association with this song and that is I think of crop circles. Other than that, truth be told I can't really draw any significance out of it other than it's catchy and I like it, which is okay. Tomorrow my series on second wave feminism called 'I Am Woman' will be up on Rookie. I am SO EXCITED to show everyone! Till then,


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Your hurtin' kinda love

My statement and bio is up on the Westspace website! Check it out here: basically I just (vaguely as ever) explain what this show is going to entail!
In the meantime I have been working really hard on new paintings and collating my *inspiration* whilst listening to Lana Del Rey. I can't leave the house because my hair is too dirty and I keep thinking about indoor pools especially the one at the Holiday Inn in Brookline, Massachusetts where I stayed for a night last year.