Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Today was busy but good. I went to the movies to see Hitchcock with my friends and also simultaneously tied up lots of lose ends of the email/general communication variety. Hitchcock was fun and relatively entertaining but it would have been better if they just screened a Hitchcock film. Embarrassing confession: I haven't actually SEEN Psycho, how ridiculous. I just watched a film about Psycho without having seen it. I have it on DVD though and if I'm not too scared at some point in my life I may watch it. My favourite Alfie movies are The Birds and Rebecca.

A few exciting things in my life are happening at the moment, one is that I am going to be *modelling* and being interviewed for Kinki Gerlinki which is one of my favourite Melbourne clothing labels! So exciting. I want to make a fun 60s mix CD to groove to whilst *striking my pose.* (That could be the corniest phrase I have ever non-ironically coined on here)

I have opted to stay home tomorrow, out of the 40 million degree heat and under the air conditioner making work. I am making a series for Rookie on second wave feminism and all the great female singers pioneering this movement in particular Carly Simon, Gloria Gaynor, Helen Reddy and Linda Ronstadt.

And, let us take a moment... (Her hair)

Oh and this was at the photoshoot at the Docklands yesterday! Here we all are, hangin out, being artists... you know the usual.


  1. AHHHH i love Hitchcock!
    I especially love vertigo and dial M for murder!
    so so good
    Also, the last picture is gorgeous! You look fabulous :) :)

  2. Wow you would be perfect as a model for that label! Congrats~

  3. I love kinki gerlinki, they have the coolest clothes!!!
    can't wait to see the photos and the interview :)
    So lucky!!!