Thursday, January 10, 2013

Make It With You

I really should stop being lazy and actually write something here, hey. I am full on in holiday mode. Like today I went out and bought four different nail polishes and painted my nails in the afternoon while watching Judge Judy which I really enjoy. One of the types of nail polishes is a pearlescent, sort of iridescent colour which is amazing. It's like an opal and shines purples, pinks, blues and greens in different light. I bought a new Iphone cover that changes colour in sunlight, and one that has a holographic butterfly on it, which I plan on alternating between obviously. Uh I also ate a Kinder Surprise WHICH I JUST REMEMBERED, I FORGOT TO OPEN THE TOY, MAN, BRB. It's a robot and I'm not going to lie it will be going straight in the bin, its purpose to life has already been fulfilled really. I went to Savers too and got great stuff, which I hung up on coat hangers in my newly cleaned room. Right now, I'm kicking back listening to 'Make It With You' by Bread which is as relaxing as it sounds.

That is my boring life which I am reveling in because I know it is not going to last for long. I am back in the office at Art Guide tomorrow to be reunited with my *OWN DESK* that I talked about before. Next week I have a job interview that I am like really, really, really dead set on acing because I want the job really badly because it is absolutely perfect so I am actually very nervous and have actually been conducting mock interviews in my head at night instead of going to sleep which is probably more problematic than beneficial to me getting this job. I have to admit to a really strong competitive streak that comes out when something I really really want comes along and I'm not sure if it is a help or a hinderance! Alas only time will tell. Cross your fingers for me even though I don't know if I believe that will really make any difference at all you know but I do agree the sentiment is lovely.

This book I got today is a '70s book on '20s art deco! It's an amazing time warp. I also got the fabric that's underneath. I am so so desperate to start a painting now, I've been lurking so much art on the internet. All of the below paintings are by Sydney based artist Greg Hodge. I absolutely love them and again my toes are twiddling.


  1. I love those Greg Hodge pictures so cool!
    p.s I hope you get that job <3

  2. That poor little robot! Best of luck for the job interview- I've been a fan of your blog for a little while and I love the background + your art. I also nominated you for the Liebster Award, the link is on my blog here:

  3. Thank you so much everyone!! *bites nails* ha ! XXX