Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Linger on

2012 was an exceptionally good year, for the most part. Refer to the list above - the crossed out ones are *private*, sorry. I tried to go chronologically but I missed some stuff - especially Georgie and my show at Rearview in February, AND me being on page THREE of The Age! I slept through the *countdown* last night cos I'm a party pooper and I dun care. I farewelled Louis at 4am Saturday morning, he left for his mountain top cabin in Japan. He will be gone for one month. He is going to write a novel and come back and sell the manuscript and make a million dollars. I'm also going to make January a very productive month indeed while I'm hanging out by myself. My toes are twiddling just thinking about it. This is my first year makin' it on my own. I am determined to be successful, whatever that may mean.

I was going to do a really sentimental post but I just can't even be bothered. New Years Eve was a total non event for me this year and I am so glad. I had the best time at home drawing and listening to the radio imagining what Louis is doing on the top of the mountain or Georgie releasing fireworks on the roof of her Berlin home. I thought about how positive the past 12 months had been for me, and about some small changes I'd possibly like to make in the future. I thought about this time last year - I wanted something so desperately and 12 months later I've found I have it. I thought about how strange, terrible and wonderful that can be.