Monday, January 7, 2013

Bad Moon Rising

I'm thinking about: 

"Absent expressions and telepathic digressions"

I haven't felt like writing poems in a really long time. At the moment, with these largely vacant blocks of time on my hands, I feel like I should feel like writing poems, but I just don't. I'm sort of being really practical in my romanticizing of things, and kind of catching myself out before I begin. This is both good and bad for the same reason; that I stop myself from getting carried away. Getting carried away is great creatively, not so great emotionally. 

I've been endeavoring to stay engaged with art and if I'm not making I'm thinking about things and getting inspiration. Above are some images I've hoarded lately, I am thinking a lot about those purely unselfconscious absent expressions that you occasionally catch someone in the midst of. They're great because it's like they've left their physical body or something and I like to wonder where they are.

I feel a painting coming on. I was looking at Keltie Ferris's work today and getting to eager to start a large work. Here are some for you to enjoy... so dreamy!

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