Sunday, April 29, 2012

Oh man I need T.V when I got T.Rex

I was a little idle today which of course triggers thoughts of the unpleasant variety. I got out the textas and made the above drawings as distractions, I ended up being kind of happy with them. "Seems like, old times" aesthetically and in more ways than one.

Yesterday morning my friend and I stumbled across a huge cardboard box on the street, filled with books - next to it was a sign that said: 'FREE, PLEASE TAKE'. They were all incredible classics by the likes of Virginia Woolf, D.H Lawrence, George Orwell, Anthony Burgess... and lots more. I picked up an amazing tattered 70s copy of 'Women In Love' by D.H Lawrence because I've never read it before. Yesterday for lunch I went to my new favourite place which is called Om Vegetarian on Elizabeth Street in the city. My friend Craig took me there a couple of months ago and now I am totally hooked. It is my go-to, relaxation, reflecting spot, I can read and eat the delicious food and ponder life's mysteries all for $6.50. I begun reading Women In Love there over a solitary lunch.

I think I've eaten more meals out this weekend than in. Tonight I went out for dinner and I overheard a girl old enough to know asking her Grandmother how to spell 'genius' - who proceeded to answer 'G E N I O U S' I actually loved that. 

Her kindness bangs a gong, it's moving me along


I had a great time and a huge revelation last night. Or I think it was last night. I got home this afternoon and slept from 5pm until now, and even though it's 11.30 at night I feel like it's a whole new (very dark) day which always happens to me and I always whine about here and is very boring and I hate. But 'last nite' was Friday night and I went to a party and it was just so much fun and I danced to the Bridget Jones's Diary soundtrack in my ridiculous rainbow platforms and permanently damaged my knees, back, posture and feet but only retrospectively and it was obviously worth it because I am here romanticising it also giving myself a crap foot rub (weird imagery sorry). During my brief stint of sleep on a fold out couch I dreamt of catching train after train and meeting Adam Duritz and doing other things inappropriate to divulge here.

I really love those times when good stuff happens in your life and you are on the train or something by yourself and you get that uncontrollable smirk smile thing from a fleeting wonderful thought while you're listening to some silly little song on your headphones that isn't silly at all like the Counting Crows, and you realize that it's okay to be funny and smart and successful and not quiet about it and no-one should have you regret that, and anyone who makes you isn't worth being someone who can make you do anything.



Thursday, April 26, 2012

I've got spurs that

Today is the only time I've ever read my star sign in the MX and honestly thought it might vaguely come true... okay so I had a big day, I might have been deluded. Nothing else really to say other than goodnight uh huh huh

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I hate everyone the end

The above statement is ultimately false but today particularly the sentiment rings true. I had a day off today so instead of using it productively e.g writing my thesis or reading to gain knowledge enabling me to do so, I focused on coming up with an outfit for a party on the weekend. The party is 'disguise' themed, so naturally I came to the conclusion that I am going to dress up as a 70s spy like one in a 70s James Bond movie or something. My friend Tiff also came over which was lovely, and we lazed about on my bed and laughed about disillusionment and how everyone else in the whole world is terrible except us.

Anyway back to the outfit. Very important. So I think I mentioned these silk pants that I bought in Perth that were way too expensive for me but I stretched and now I own them and I love them and they are to make their debut on Friday night! The outfit was worked around the pants because they are super seventies - wide legged, a beige peachy colour, silk, flowing.. sssennnsuall.. um and I'm going to wear this massive brown 70s trench coat that I have and a pink turtleneck top and my rainbow platforms. I also will draw like a fake beauty spot like next to my mouth and wear gold eyeshadow and wear sunglasses (Either of the two below) HEY WOW I AM A MATERIALISTIC IMAGE OBSESSED GIRL OH WELL SORRY. Here are some images that I hoarded for inspiration and some pics of me being dumb in my new pants okay great bye.


Monday, April 23, 2012

We both got fired on the exactly the same day

Below are some pictures from my 'Inspiration' folder... I hung my Mum's old copy of 'Dreamboat Annie' above my bed, and at the moment it's proving to be a poignant image. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Thank you Mick Jagger

I just got home after my extended weekend in Perth. I actually had such a fantastic time. It is not often that I spontaneously go out of my comfort zone into an entirely new environment, and it's definitely not often that I sort of break routine in regards to work and uni and eating cereal every night and stuff. I got home like 20 minutes ago and the first thing I did was eat a bowl of cereal, retire to my room, turn on the radio to Magic 1278 and start blogging. Old habits die hard.

So on Friday night was the opening of 'Hatched' at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art. It was actually a 'big event', bigger than I thought, and it was great because as an artist in the show I had free drinks and people coming up to me congratulating me and stuff. I was really into dressing up for the night and I saw it as the perfect opportunity to wear my new rainbow platforms that I blogged about not long ago, and this kind of rich royal red silk dress that I got at Savers for a STEAL! I have photos but I need to develop them so you must be patient.. in the meantime Iphone photos will have to suffice. As it happened lots of people seemed to be into my outfit and I got photographed for 'The West' which is like their main newspaper over there so I was pretty thrilled even if I never get to see the photo. I didn't win the $35000 prize that was awarded to one participate in the show, but as I see it it was a prize enough even having that 1 in 35 change at getting $35000, as was being amongst other incredible young artists with reason for the same chance. The winner was very deserving, as anyone in the show would have been - which is what I always keep in mind when these art things turn into 'art competition' things. I just had the most fun and insane night and drunk a fair few of those free drinks and at one point my friends and I were drinking pure peppermint oil or something, which I swear I can still smell through my skin, and then we went to sing karaoke in this REALLY WEIRD place and I felt very disorientated because I'd just flown across the entire country and ended up at this dingy place singing 'Like A Virgin' which was pretty weird and then I went back to the hotel and was almost asleep when the fire alarm in the building went off, so I was doubly disorientated standing out on the street disheveled and half asleep in the light of a fire truck. It was great!

I really enjoyed going on the plane because I don't do it really often and I think the flight attendants are really cool and I love looking out the window. In Perth I bought some new sunglasses and some very expensive out of my price range silk pants that are just absolutely to die for, and now I own them under much monetary sufferance but it's totally worth it. I will have to photograph them for you when I am more able to operate a camera due to having had proper rest. I ate so much food. I danced my feet into deformity. I read 3 trashy magazines... sorry brain. I also ate at a hilarious Swedish themed restaurant. It was amazing. On the plane I saw this very strange circular rainbow. Here are some photographs of it that I took on my phone + some others. Stay tuned for my proper vacation photos after they're developed.. and now it's back to the real world. I have so much work to do....

Thursday, April 19, 2012


I made these really silly collages today because I didn't have a lot of time in the studio. My flight to Perth is bright and early tomorrow morning which is so exciting! I actually am really excited. I was just looking up all the Op Shops in the vicinity of the hotel I am staying. There is one that is only a four minute walk away! I made a playlist to perhaps listen to on the plane. It is called 'Sexy'. There are reasons for this, one being I was reading some book on Madonna which is not unusual and she said that when she was a young teen she would lay on her bed and play her Bob Dylan record of Lay Lady Lay over and over and over and just cry. I love that. You can download the tracks via this link  ...don't be shy! I'm into people crying on their beds to this y'know in the least cruel way possible and okay so I can't imagine anyone crying to Barry White. Or Marvin Gaye's 'Let's Get It On'... but the rest... hope you have tissues up your sleeve! I just wanna specify as well that I think the reason I like the image of Madonna crying to Lay Lady Lay is that it's not actually an incredibly tragic song, it's more like she's crying about other stuff like being a teenage girl, and this is the soundtrack to that. I always bring this up, but like the scene in Almost Famous where Penny Lane is getting her stomach pumped and they play 'My Cherie Amour'..

1. I'm Your Man - Leonard Cohen
2. Let's Get It On - Marvin Gaye
3. The Right Thing to do - Carly Simon
4. Beast Of Burden - The Rolling Stones
5. This Guy's In Love With You - Herp Alpert
6. Stardust - Louis Armstrong
7. Lay Lady Lay - Bob Dylan
8. Since I've Been Loving You - Led Zeppelin
9. I Need A Little Sugar In My Bowl - Bessie Smith
10. Call Me - Aretha Franklin
11. Let's Stay Together - Al Green
12. Help Me - Joni Mitchell
13. These Arms of Mine - Otis Redding
14. Never, Never Gonna Give You Up - Barry White

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Somewhere I have never travelled

somewhere i have never travelled,gladly beyond
any experience,your eyes have their silence:
in your most frail gesture are things which enclose me,
or which i cannot touch because they are too near

e.e cummings

After not writing for a few days I have a lot of things to say but I'm not altogether sure what they are. Right now I'm waiting for the 'late' train home that I've taken to catching this week, it's been nice to feel slightly more productive socially rather than productive when it comes to making work. I generally gravitate towards the latter because it doesn't involve me making conversation that I'm convinced is insipid and boring the person on the receiving end. My own company is so incredibly familiar which is something that attracts me, much to my detriment.

In light of this I feel mildly empowered because I am flying to Perth this weekend which again tears me away from making work to perhaps experience something different (for lack of a more adequate word). I organized the whole thing and booked the flights and paid for them myself and booked the accommodation and paid for it myself so I feel really in control of my life and stuff. It's going to be fun because I am in an exhibition at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA) and I am going there for the opening and a party and to have fun and throw the T.V in the hotel out of the window and take a photo of the mini bar and send it to my friend Cheralyn. I can't wait to go on a plane either because I haven't been on one in ages and I just love airline food because it's so neat in its packaging and stuff and I'm totally going to watch a movie on the plane which will be so fun.

Today I did this weird thing where I 'modeled' for this lady and got to be really silly amongst draped fabric and stuff and fluff my hair and stare off into the distance. This earned me my spending money for my Perth trip because I'm flat broke after doing all that independent stuff like paying for flights and accommodation. As my goin' home train approached the platform I stood right on the edge of the tracks and let the wind from the tunnel blow my hair which I just love doing because you feel like you're in a movie, especially if you stare off into the distance and catch your reflection in the train windows and are listening to Edith Piaf or something.

From this I started thinking about how I'm in love with entertaining romantic notions largely in my mind - like leavin' on a jet plane or spending all your money or the seventies or never going home or staying out all night and not doing your work and partying and taking really long train trips to nowhere but there's something there that grounds me from that and keeps them as only notions rather than a lifestyle or reality and that is my unfading longing to make work. It's what keeps me home on the weekend, what keeps me quiet, what keeps me somewhat contented with my own company, what keeps me single. It keeps me looking down and in rather than up and out. I do not resent this, I lavish in it as you can tell from this entire post - but am conscious of its 'hold' - if you will entertain me enough to take that seriously... This weekend though, I AM leaving on a jet plane, if you will believe, hallelujah praise the Lord, get down brother! And I'm going to relax, and it's going to be fun and I won't speculate further.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

I had two heart attacks before I got the bicycle

Here are some pictures of my work in the collage show the other night. I don't think I have anything else to divulge other than I've had a Woody Allen watching weekend because I've been avoiding making an 'important decision' as per usual. I am going to grant myself one more night to 'sleep on it' even though I'm pretty positive the weight of sleep only makes one's ability to decide even more so cloudy.

Actually I wanted to share a reaction that my painting received while I was sitting the gallery yesterday. A small child came into the space and was running around in circles until he saw my work. He ran up to it, saw the picture of the hamburger stuck in the centre and jumped up with both hands hitting the painting shouting "LOOK! A HAMBURGER!". I was kind of happy because at least he wasn't bored...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Doubt for dessert

The other day I spent the best $50 I've ever spent in my life on the COMPLETE National Geographic on CDROM. It has every single issue up until like now, thus it has every issue from the 50s, 60s, 70s, the 40s, the 1800s... it is incredible, I can't even describe how incredible. You click on a year, then you click on a Month of the year and you can read that issue cover to cover, everything including ads and images and articles and you can zoom in and it is just the best thing ever. It also will severely damage my social skills but whatever I don't care because I can live in National Geographic. SO for your enjoyment and mine here are some images I've been collecting from it. BON APPETITE.