Saturday, December 15, 2012


This morning after a lovely breakfast at Small Block cafe' (served by a very attentive waiter named Louis) I wandered past Monk House Design on Lygon Street where they had this ensemble in the front window. I died. After researching, these items are by a label called Verner. That floaty, subtlety psychedelic *hand dyed!* marble print is amazing. The shop was closed so I had to go home empty handed... but it did send me on a internet trawl for amazing marbled pictures.. oh and turns out I can buy the label online... uh oh.

Marble pants by Lisa Ho (Wanted for ages but too $$$) :(
I seriously think for Christmas I might ask for marbling stuff and some silk or something so I can try some hand marbling. I have already been planning on collaborating with my sister (who can sew) and making tops from fabric I have designed. I think this would be a fun step for me and have been thinking about it for the whole year now and finally I have some time to do it. It also may be preventative in me spending all my money on clothes.

A beautiful but *irrelevant* orchid that was in Mum's shop
I was so busy yesterday. I worked at Art Guide and we moved into a new office where I have my own DESK. It's actually amazing because I could like get a gold name plate and like framed photographs of my family facing me and stuff. I have never really had my *own* desk at a job before (One that I don't share with someone else) So I was really excited. After work we had big office adult drinks that I am not really equipped for what with watching The Brady Bunch all the time and being generally immature but it was pretty fun. THEN I went to the ACCA opening and THEN went to a friend's house for a BBQ. Louis and I later found ourselves sleeping on the floor on a makeshift pillow bed pretending that we were camping. I dreamt that I had a really big amazing antique record player that had an inbuilt photobooth (?) and I took it to a party (Transport wasn't really an issue even though it was like 10 meters long...) and someone broke it, and I was so genuinely upset. The night before that I dreamt that I had a baby and I left it in a corridor I thought would be safe but then it was gone and I felt really really sick. Moral of these dreams.. don't trust my stuff with other people? Don't lend my real life inferior record player to a friend? All of these are possible. In the meantime maybe I should go to bed - I hope my dreams are marbled.


  1. wooow that dress~~
    you MUST try this marbling, can't wait to see the finished product