Thursday, December 13, 2012


This week I have been busy doing nothing, which is possible if you have company and spend all morning in bed and have breakfast cooked for you and go to cafes and drink orange juice and go to parties and see movies and eat ice cream. It's very possible. I have actually sort of relaxed this week which is rare for me. Right now I am watching a show called 'Swamp People' where these guys go and hunt 'gators' on the bayous and stuff which is pretty wild. This is the life. (Vaguely).

I saw 'Searching For Sugar Man' the other day! Which I obviously had been wanting to see for ages and now I have and I really enjoyed it. There's nothing like a great soundtrack to heighten a cinematic experience especially when the cinematic experience is about the soundtrack you know. 'I Wonder' is probably my favourite Rodriguez song right now, but I go through phases depending on how I'm feeling in my life and stuff...

Judee Sill

Mia Farrow

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