Saturday, December 8, 2012


Above are some pictures from my scrapbook. 

Georgie, Jon and I sung at the NGV today! MCA last weekend, NGV this weekend, what a life! It was the opening of Jon's show 'Just sing what you feel' which is an exhibition for children where they can record themselves singing along with us and do lots of other fun activities like colour in their own flag and play with a wall of *Jon Campbell backyard* magnets. It's at NGV Fed Square so take your little siblings or cousins there one day! Oh, and that YEAH photo above, it's a cake. It was incredible.

No other news at the moment. Working on lots of ROOKIE stuff that I can't wait to show you. I'm collaging, drawing and painting at night in my bed so I'm waking up with paper cut outs stuck to my face and textas in my sheets and stuff you know. I am already getting cabin fever in here and it's like week two of holidays or should I say *the rest of my life* So to launch myself into this *rest of my life* I'm thinking I wanna get a skip, you know like one of those huge bins, and put it below my window so I can literally open it and throw out a whole bunch of stuff from my room. (it's ideal because I don't have to walk down my stairs and take the junk anywhere, I can be brutal and just LITERALLY chuck it out the window, which will be so cathartic) I am seriously going to do this because I am suffocating myself with the amount of STUFF I have, especially with my studio being in my bedroom now, until February anyway.

I think I will do the skip in January, as a kind of cleansing new year thing and also because my main man and my main woman are going to be overseas and I will be here with my cabin fever and piles of junk. So I have decided January is going to be like the month of Minna where I do stuff to sort out my life and spend time with myself and organize my future or whatever. I watched 'The Prince and the Showgirl' today in the afternoon with Marilyn Monroe in it and it was great even though it went for like 3 hours because they put so many ads in between and there is this great line where she's like "It's okay, I just adore my own company" because the guy she's with is like on the phone or something while they're meant to be having dinner and she's just drinking champagne having fun you know. I'm not saying that I don't have other people in my life other than two people, either, but you definitely notice two down when they're the people you spend lots of time with laughing about stuff like goat men and blighters.

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  1. Absolute ball town, I had those tarot cards in highschool that I got thrifting.