Monday, December 3, 2012

Bebe you, got me in the shape I'm in


I had SUCH a great weekend with Georgie and Jon in Sydney! On Friday night we performed at the MCA which was just so fun. I like literally had the best night. We even got lanyards (You know those things that you put around your neck that make you look like a VIP) and free drinks and people asking us who we were to which we replied "No one" (TRUE). Our set was great and we had a set list and everything. We sung in front of a Jenny Watson painting in the gallery. Photographs still to come!

After our set we danced on the rooftop where they had the DJs 'Dad's With Earrings' who were SO PERFECT and played all Aussie music all night. Toward the end they really busted out the best of the late 70s early 80s Aus Rock and it was just so perfect and our band Pamela and our *FANS* had a really great and serious dance together.

Georgie and I spent the rest of the weekend looking at galleries and laughing about stupid stuff and eating Yogos and other junk food items. It was just so fun. Getting out of town for the weekend is so underrated (in my world anyway) and I really should do it more often. I feel really refreshed now that I am back and I feel like that weekend really solidified my faith in art and the art world and really was the perfect ending to 4 years at Art school. Now for the real world.

Georgie and I in the Jeff Koons mirror
Sol Lewitt
Sol Lewitt
Just before check out time :( 
Stained glass window at the Strand Arcade in Sydney which is so beautiful! 
I got home to this card in the mail from Annabelle Kingston who is the most amazing person and friend ever :) :) :)
Me tonight before the VCA Masters opening (The BENDER CONTINUES) (Just joking)

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  1. I love your eye earrings!