Monday, December 10, 2012

After the fact

'Shell Lady (Countin' Flowers on the Wall)' Acrylic, fabric dye and collage on fabric 2012

'Famous Blue Raincoat' Acrylic, fabric dye and collage on fabric 2012

'Moss grows flat on a rolling stone' Acrylic, fabric dye and collage on found fabric 2012

Installation shots from the VCA Grad show 2012:

Phew! Finally I have posted pictures from Grad show. The first three pictures are my newest paintings and of course the rest are install shots. Going to a party tonight, it will be fun. I am enjoying summer weather and well, don't really have a lot to say here today.


  1. I really like your recent artworks, it's somewhat different to the previous collages of hamburgers and things. It's more delicate? idk but i love it!~

  2. I like the painting at the bottom and the collage at the top so much. wish I could woo you with money but I have none really. I went to the grad show, but didn't see your paintings there. love