Friday, November 2, 2012

Time to say goodbye

I left the house for the first time in a week last night, to go out for dinner with the two people from high school I'm still enamored with after all these years. They cheered me right up and we laughed about dumb stuff and it was so great then we went and browsed the isles in the supermarket which I love doing. I was beginning to (and still to some extent am) feeling like a shut-in or something, at home I just feel so incredibly isolated because it's so far away. HELLO CAN ANYONE HEAR ME I AM STILL HERE COME VISIT I AM NOT CONTAGIOUS.

Slowly I think I am getting my strength back. I realised last night that the reason I probably got so sick is because I really burned myself out. My friend was like "Yeah, I didn't realise you'd been doing Uni (writing a thesis, making an entire body of practical work) AND Rookie/illustration jobs (Urban Outfitters, random other stuff) AND working two part time jobs all at the same time, you must have been really busy" and I thought about it and to be honest I do tend to be one of those people who gives and gives and gives until a point where I just PHYSICALLY can't anymore. What I think I need to do is keep more people in my life who know about my tendency to do this, and allow me that space to relax and breathe or something. Anyway as you can see TOO MUCH TIME ALONE, RANTING.

What I was going to say was that I figured out what that song I was talking about was when I had that dream about me floating because it came on the radio again last night after I got home. It is called 'Time to say goodbye' and is an Andrea Bocelli song and last night when I realised the name of the song I did for a second think it was a message from beyond.. but hey who am I, I mean anything can be a message from beyond if you're listening to the static hard enough. Oh, and of course it's got to be something you want to hear.

I'm gonna go bake cookies.

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