Saturday, November 10, 2012

They paved paradise, and put up a parkin' lot

Ah, so I'm pretty much back to my busy self - except now I'm sort of missing all that time I had on the couch. I know, totally insane. This week has been a bit of a shambles, moving out of my studio, and catching up on all the work I'd been putting off. We also had our end of year honours dinner, which was fun and silly and slightly overwhelming.

We had an indoor picnic for Georgie's birthday on Friday, and it also felt like a kind of last supper. We'd moved everything out of our studio spaces we've inhabited for the past year, back to our respective homes and bedrooms... or garbage bins. I stayed back a bit later to sweep my floor for the last time, and it was very quiet and as I picked up my backpack to leave I sort of had this feeling like a President leaving the White House or something you know.

Now we just have next week to install our work for the Graduation show, and it's all over. To be honest I'm thinking far more about what dress to buy for opening night rather than how I'm going to install my work, which could prove problematic. Just so you can 'save the date', if you live in Melbourne - the VCA Graduation show opens on Monday the 19th of November at 6pm. It is always an enormous amount of fun and packed with people so if you're free, come along.

Tonight I'm going to a party and before that having a dinner party with long lost Cheralyn. I am excited!

American candy memories

1/2 of my texta collection

Mushrooms in our garden!

I just thought I was bored outta my brains

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