Saturday, November 17, 2012

Just saying it could even make it happen

The eclipse on TV 

New disco pants

Okay so... Louis and I saw Moonrise Kingdom and I mean hello now I know why like every person I know on the internet has posted screen caps of it and dressed as a Raven for Halloween or whatever uh it was perfect. To die for. "Two thumbs up" - Minna Gilligan, her blog. Yeah cue whatever stereotype this signposts I dun care because it was so beautiful.

Sleepy eyes. Was up late last night faffing around. Last night too was actually a weird convergence of my high school environment and my Uni environment. Like how in Seinfeld George is like "You're killing independent George! Worlds are colliding!" That was totally me last night! I held my own though and made it through to get a potato cake at the train station before going home. Good times.

Will write more (better) tomorrow. REMINDER: VCA Grad show this Monday the 19th at 6pm. X


  1. where is the show, exactly? I will come.

  2. Minna! Your room looks so nice where do you find all those cool pictures ugh I wish I lived in a place with op shops.... I really admire your ability to mishmash images together with such a dynamic cohesion it's just GR8