Sunday, November 25, 2012

I wanna know what love is


My best high school buddies and me at the Grad Show opening
Earrings from Kinki Gerlinki : )
Dead butterfly on the way home

If the real world is a combination of all the things I've done in the past week then I guess it can't be all that bad. So obviously the Grad show has been on since Monday, with today being the last day. I sold some of my paintings! : ) Yay for art going out in the world! Tomorrow we have to de-install then that's it. I sat the show on Thursday and lots of people came through! Thursday night was really fun, because Georgie, Jon Campbell and I were a part of 'A Constructed World' which performed in collaboration with the 'Speech and What Archive' at the Ian Potter Museum of Art.

I actually had literally such a fun time, because we got to sing lots of fun songs and Georgie and I even got a solo! We also sung 'I Want To Know What Love Is' which was actually not corny and so beautiful. Members of the audience were instructed to get out of their seats and dance - preferably waltz with a partner. So we were up there singing to a field of people dancing joyously to our incredible cover of the 80s pop ballad. And you know the lyrics are actually really great.

So my singing career seems to be going swimmingly! (ha!) NOW THIS IS REALLY EXCITING and is relevant to people who live in Sydney who may be reading this! This Friday night the 30th, Pamela (the band consisting of Georgie, Jon and I) will be performing at MCA, yes, that's right, 
THE Museum of Contemporary Art
in Sydney *ARGH!* as a part of Art Bar curated by Jon himself. We have been rehearsing and not to brag but we are sounding really good, my tambourine is all tuned up. If you live in Sydney you should totally get tickets and come along I am positive it will be a great night and Georgie and I are SO ready for our weekend away *ALL EXPENSES PAID* in Sydney! PARTAY ON THE HOT SAUCE. MORE INFO HERE: This is seriously big!

Uh, in other news. I went to Shark Fin House for Louis' Dad's birthday last night! They had like aquariums and abalone and ducks at this restaurant. It was very fun! And I made some jokes that I think Louis' family laughed at not because they felt they had to so that was good for my humor confidence and general confidence you know. Today I had like a Christmas party for my extended extended family on my Mum's side and ate heaps of food and awkwardly talked to people I hardly know. Good times!

Okay so I am aware this is an essay but I haven't written anything for like a week so I had a whole lot to get out. This week will be a fun one I think because it is my birthday on Thursday and not that I am too fussed about my birthday but I want to spend it with people in my life that I like being around that's all I ask really for and a bit of birthday cake and some sentimental moment I can remember when I'm old. I wish I had some pictures from the Constructed World performance but I don't. I wish I had more pictures from Grad Show but I don't. I do think photographs sometimes alter memories rather than help to keep them. The memory becomes not the actual experience but the visual representation of that. They can be confusing for reminiscing times. Maybe it's better that I don't have a lot of photos of those important things, or people, because they'll be better and more truthfully preserved in my mind.

Nanna went all out with the fruit salad for the Christmas Party
Bought this old bed sheet today


  1. Christmas party?? In November??
    Oh and all the rest is awesome! Good for you! :) all quite exciting ;)

  2. Are those shoes yours because they are FREAKING AMAZING

  3. It was nice to meet you the other night! Happy birthday for Thursday :)